Tele-Calling Scripts for Sanitization Lead Generation Campaign

Tele-Calling Scripts Sanitization Lead Generation Campaign

This phase in our existence as a society is filled with uncertainty. Our future, our business prospects, and our lives are uncertain. Right now, we would love nothing more than to get that sense of order back in our lives. We are doing our bit by giving away a few best scripts that we hope will bring order into your calling.

But first, let’s take a look at what makes a good calling script.

Anatomy of converting calling script

If you look at any high performing script, you will find these five elements in one form or other, when you look at it. So remember to incorporate them into your next scripts.


Be a ray of sunshine, trust us on this. A friendly greeting sets the tone of conversation and conversions.

Introduce yourself

Must if you are cold calling. Introducing yourself lends you and your proposal a sense of credibility.

Your proposal

The value you bring to the table is what leads are cared about. Not including what you offer is as good as not calling!


Consent is what makes you halfway from leads to sales. Even a micro yes will go a long way in ensuring you are not overstaying your welcome.

Now, on to the scripts!

But before that, a word of caution, every business, just like an individual is unique and we strongly urge you to modify the scripts in a way that feels right to you and your business. That said, these scripts have performed well for our clients and we are sure they would serve you just as well in their raw form.

Ready to Use Tele Calling Scripts

Tele-Calling Script for Restaurants/ Cafes/ Walk-Ins

“Hello [Lead Name]!

I am [Your Name], calling from [Your Company].

We help businesses have a safe reopening in the post COVID world. Our robust sanitization process is equipped to handle repeated sanitization in high contact environments similar to your [type of establishment] in a very cost-effective manner.

Would you like to know more?

[If yes]


A healthy and clean environment goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your employees and customers.

Kindly share your details so we can easily sign you up for an appointment where our experts can share more information tailored just for you!

[Use Sanitation cold calling prods (covered in next section) to gather relevant details]
[Once you have relevant details]

Thank you for your interest, We will get back to you soon!

Have a nice day,
Stay safe!”

Tele-Calling Script for Schools / Educational Institutes

“Hi [Lead Name]!

I am [Your Name], calling from [Your Company].

[Your Company] helps institutions like yours be safe and clean to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for learning. We are equipped to handle sites with varied surfaces and comprehensive janitorial needs. We work 7 days a week to ensure the daily operations of our clients are not affected.

Would you like to schedule an appointment with one of our agents to know more about our services?

[If yes]


Can I know when would be the best time to schedule the meeting?

[Use Sanitation cold calling prods (covered in next section) to gather relevant details]

Thank you [Lead Name] for your time.

I am [Your Name], feel free to contact me on [Your Number] for any queries.

Our experts would be with you on [Scheduled Date] to talk further.

Have a nice day!”

Tele-Calling Script for Hotels

“Good [Morning/Afternoon/Evening] [Lead Name]

I am calling from [Your Company] to address any sanitization needs you may have.

We at [Your Company] are a sanitization firm specializing in sanitizing high end and complex surfaces. Our services are designed keeping in mind the individual needs of complex surfaces like marble and wood without harming the integrity of the surfaces.

Would you like to have an appointment?

[If Yes]

Great! I am sure you would be impressed with our polished protocols designed to provide minimal disturbance to guests and employees alike.

Kindly share your details so we can set up your meeting.

[Use Sanitation cold calling prods (covered in next section) to gather relevant details]

Thank you for your time, again we are [Your Company] and you can get in touch with us on [Your Contact Details].

Have a wonderful day!”

Tele-Calling Script for Shops

“Hello, Mr./Ms. [Lead Name],

I am [Your Name] from [Your Company],

We have helped many businesses in your area meet their sanitization requirements. We are uniquely positioned to help provide a safe environment for our at-risk patrons, even in high touch areas like your establishment.

Would you be interested in our sanitization services?

[If Yes]


If you share your details now, I can quickly set you up for a brief meeting with our agents.

[Use Sanitation cold calling prods (covered in next section) to gather relevant details]

Great, our agents in your neighbourhood would drop by with further details.

For any queries, you can get in touch via call on [Your Number]
Have a nice day!”

Tele-Calling Script for Offices

“Hello, Mr./Ms. [Lead Name],

This is [Your Name] from [Your Company],

We help sanitize workplaces and offer a wide range of sanitization and janitorial services. It is imperative that our work workforce feels safe and comfortable in these stressful times.

Would you like to have a free quotation and an appointment with one of our representatives?

[If yes]

We are happy to hear your commitment to your team.

Now, can you share the best time our representative can drop by your place?

[Use Sanitation cold calling prods (covered in next section) to gather relevant details]

Wonderful, I will pass on your details to our representative in your neighbourhood.

He/She will get back to you to confirm the appointment.
Have a nice day!”

Cold Calling prods for Sanitization Campaigns.

Collecting data from your leads may be a hassle, hence you must be very clear of what you are asking and what you want. We have listed a few sample prods that you would need to collect information. You then along with the scripts above to design your perfect campaign.

– May I know what the dimensions of your establishments are?
– When would be the best time to reach you?
– How soon will you be needing our services?
– Do you have any special requirements?
– Can you share your address?
– What are your working hours?
– Will the sanitization be done in stages or in one go?

Great now you have a script and prods to go with your campaign,
But …

What if you get routed to an answering machine?

We have you covered there too!

Our browser-based Predictive Dialer allows you to drop a voicemail whenever you hit an answering machine automatically!

Ready to use Voicemail Drops Scripts for Sanitization Leads.

Voicemail Script for Restaurants/ Cafes/ Walk-Ins

“Hi, [Ms/Mr.] [Lead Name],

I have called you on behalf of [Your Company], we offer sanitization services at an efficient rate. We help out other restaurants and cafes, similar to yours in the neighbourhood and hence wanted to check out if you would be interested in our services.

You can reach us on [Your Number] to know more.
Thank you!”

Voicemail Script for Shops

“Hey, [Lead Name],

This is [Your Name] from [Your Company] down the street. We see you are opening up and may need sanitization services, you can drop by or call us on at [Your Number] if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

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Voicemail Script for Hotels

“This is [Your Name] from [Your Company].

We offer stellar sanitization services for premium and non-premium surfaces at cost-effective rates. We heard you are reopening and we wanted to know whether you would be interested in our services.

You can let us know your thoughts by calling on [Your Number].
Thank You!”

Voicemail Script for Offices

“This is [Your Name] from [Your Company].

We offer sanitization services seven days a week and even after office hours on weekdays. If you are interested, give us a call on [Your Number] and catch reopening discount of 10%”

Voicemail Script for  Schools / Educational Institute


I am [Your Name], I wanted to let you know that we at [Your Company] are offering a discount to all educational institutes that require our sanitization services. You can call us on [Your Number] to avail your discount.

Have a nice day!”

Now that you are sorted out…

Happy Calling!

In case you need further help, do feel free to contact our representatives at

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