Stay DreamForce18 Ready: SMS Based Marketing Automation

Now that the concept of marketing automation is clear to you, let us focus on how SMS marketing platform can be used to achieve a marketing automation-friendly campaign.

Let me make this clear for the nth time that an SMS has the highest open rate of all with 92% of people reading the SMS within 5 minutes of receiving them.

This makes SMS marketing a widely used, and perhaps even reliable mode of direct marketing.



Here I will discuss how marketing automation can be carried out on our Rich Text Message (RTM).

Rich way of Scoring Leads

The only similarity between an SMS and an RTM is the 160 character limit.

However, with rich text messaging, you find this limitation redundant, because there is more than just text in an RTM.


We will go one step at a time, so we can discuss RTM’s functions in an automated campaign.

First and foremost, is its link tracking feature that effectively stands out against an SMS.

We offer a link preview feature in the RTM which increases the likelihood of the lead clicking on the link.

With the link preview feature, the lead will get a glimpse of what is to show on the link. This will prepare them for what lies ahead.

The link preview feature can allow you to make the view attractive so you can drive more clicks.

This is much better than sharing a short link which nothing but keeps the lead in mystery of what lies on the other side of the link.

So with link preview, URL shortening and link tracking service under RTM, you will have a rich flow of leads into your funnel.

Raise your engagement

RTM allows you make your campaign more engageable with its numerous features that go along the link tracking.

With our RTM services, we will provide a platform for two-way communication where you will receive SMS from your leads.


Their responses can help you with the automation triggers to set your campaign to the next level.

You can also allow your leads to call on a designated number for inbound calls where you may either place an agent or let an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) play for the lead.


This engagement centered model is perfect for your lead nurturing campaign.

The responses drawn from the interactive feature of RTM is a filter for your automated campaign that will allow your automation mechanism to focus only on the ones who have responded to the message.

You may also provide your lead with an option to opt out so your filtering can be more efficient.


Salesforce supported automation

When you receive the responses from the engagement driven campaign, your lead funnel will have nothing but quality leads.

They will be easy to close, and you will have their specific requirements with regards to your product.

Now with our native Salesforce app, you can execute automated campaigns easily.


Here is what you can do on the app:

For lead nurturing, it is advised that you use a multi-channel approach.

Here I will explain the workflow of a marketing automation campaign using 2 of our services (RTM and Predictive Dialer).

It will give you an idea about the placement of automation triggers to take your leads closer to becoming your customers.

  1. I will start the workflow with RTM because statistically it has higher engagement but you can use any service to start with, depending on your industry needs.
  2. Now I will pick a message from the templates that I have uploaded.
  3. LeadsRain provides inbound messaging on all RTM campaigns so I will draft my message accordingly (e.g., If you are interested in the offer, reply “YES” and if not, reply “NO”).
  4. In this scenario I get 3,200 “YES” responses, suggesting that they are interested.
  5. This will be my automation trigger. Using all the ‘YES’ responses I can design the next step.

Since the leads are showing interest in my product, they are likely to receive my calls.

I will set the trigger at the end of the RTM campaign to segregate the “YES” and “NO” responses and assign an action to the “YES” segment of the leads. Now I decide to reach my “YES” respondents over a call. For this, I will connect my leads with the Dialer’s API.

This will engage my Predictive Dialer campaign which will start making calls.

“While running this step, you also have an option to make the call after 24 hours, or an interval that you deem necessary.”

  1. The agents on the dialer will then be connected with the leads.
  2. In case the leads do not pick up the call, I will also be able to send a recorded voice message to their voicemail.


So as you see, this design is an interlink between two services that shows a multi-channel interface with the leads.

The above-mentioned model is an automation-friendly marketing campaign. It makes use of automation triggers at multiple stages to progress. However, you can set your triggers according to your needs, using any number of our services.

This model does not require human monitoring once it has been designed.



Salesforce makes it easier for us by assigning automation triggers, that on execution, create a task for your team automatically.


So there is little human intervention during your campaign.

Simultaneously, you can also use the multiple services to achieve your goal, and draw benefits from all the available channels to your campaign.

So are you ready to optimize your campaign with our Umbrella Approach?

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