Blended Contact Center


A common complaint is the work of the Phone Agent , monotonous. This boredom can be reduced in the production and poor attitude to translate que in turn provided on the quality of customer service . Mixed telephone call centers : Progress in the call center software have an exciting new concept for businesses Given.

Changes in the contact center

Contact centers are used to no longer be considered as a cost. They were seen as the cost of customer service, but not as a potential source of revenue. Recently , managers were regarded as telephone contacts and advertising opportunity have their change how agents do jobs.

Of course, they are still required to treat the customer service aspect of the operation , so it is important to be able to closely monitor traffic patterns has been . This inspired the development of sophisticated call center software that allows real-time monitoring of caller traffic from both agents and administrators , creating a dynamic and responsive operation . Agents could now their time on the phone you talk customers additional products and services Acerca , generating revenue . If Manager agent be realized Could flexible the concept of blended call center was born.

What is a Blended Center?

In a typical contact center , each agent has a single job. When an agent provides technical support , is all that it does, take technical support calls . If another agent takes to make calls , I will only take orders . This is inefficient because an agent could be idle while another flooded. This is in addition to doing the boredom , a single task all the time.

In a blended center, call center agent and manager software allows to assess which activities need additional help. Through cross-training agents , someone from technical support personnel can allow them to change during a sudden increase in calls. How display outbound sales calls or to internal projects : agents, which may have no incoming calls to move other tasks.

Advantages of a blended Center

Agents working in less blended contact center, bored with the job , because they have a variety of activities every day. This does not mean agents may call from Call bounce randomly . Typically, workers are still a single primary role and are on one or more security area narrowness Schult. However, obligations of this diversity makes the day go faster and keeps agents from falling into a rut.

Call waiting times even with this system, because the staff can adapt automatically to changes in the traffic load response. If the call center software warns the department to an increase in incoming calls additional agents can be found on the mobile phones in a matter of minutes. Policies in force mean managers do not necessarily automatically intervene to shift to employees as required roles.

Blended contact centers are just one of the benefits that sophisticated and cost-effective call center software can bring to a service operation.

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