Your Company is as good as your Customer Satisfaction Team

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This is an excerpt from the interview of our Business Development Manager, Kevin J with Vivien Reygan.

Running a Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions Provider company is tough by today’s norms and managing clients is the most crucial task among all other things.  There are numerous things to keep in mind and it is very important to make an informed decision in tight situations.

Today, I (VR) have with me the Business Development Manager of LeadsRain, Kevin J (KJ).

VR : Hello, Kevin and thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule to have a talk. So shall we start?

KJ : Yeah sure. It is always a pleasure to share my experiences and stories with people to help them and guide them.

VR : Starting with the inception of LeadsRain, since when you are providing services to telemarketers and Contact Centers?

KJ : LeadsRain started in 2013, it has been 5 long years to a journey dreamed by Jay and in this time frame the LeadsRain team has achieved several milestones.

VR : So Kevin, what exactly is your role in LeadsRain?

KJ : My business card says I am the Business Development Manager, but as in LeadsRain we say and believe – what’s in the designation. Thus, everyone in LeadsRain works at their full potential every day.

VR : Starting a new business when there is a cut-throat competition must have kept you awake at nights! How difficult was it to get customers initially for your services?

KJ : Definitely. Acquiring customers initially was that big of a task. The reason being as my team and I are from the same industry; we knew each and every aspect of the business and its technicalities. The only challenge ahead of us was developing customer loyalty and sustainability, which we successfully achieved over a period of time.

VR : That sounds great! You must have adopted a unique approach to getting customers. Please share your secret.

KJ : First of all, it cannot be termed as approach instead it was the correct mindset that did the magic for us. I believe no customer is aware of the exact needs until he/she is heard and given suggestions to. Understanding customer’s requirements is 80% of the job and making it happen if possible through LeadsRain’s platform is the remaining 20%.

VR : That’s something others can learn from you. I can think of only one word for it – Impressive! But why should anybody use LeadsRain’s services? There are many other companies out there doing the same thing as you.

KJ : Yes, this is the question asked by most of our prospective clients. Pricing plays a vital role in any decision made by the customers and thus to simplify, we have pay per minute pricing i.e. you only pay for what you use. However, the principle reason stands out to be our (as said by many of our clients) “outstanding support.

VR : Indeed, only coming up with a product is not enough, you need an excellent support team to sustain the competition. Thanks again Kevin for your time and I liked the way you gave honest and precise answers. Hope you have a talk again with you soon!

KJ : Thanks for having me and I will be happy to answer more of your questions next time.

VR : To summarize Kevin’s experience, I would say that only focusing on your product will not get you desired sales, you need to have the correct mindset. You must understand what the customer wants and for that, you need top-class customer satisfaction team, you need smart agents.