Why Registering with 10DLC is Must for SMS Marketing?

Why Registering with 10DLC is Must for SMS Marketing

There is no doubt that texting has quickly become the top and most preferred channel for businesses to connect with their clients or customers. Did you know that texts have a 98 percent open rate, considerably outpacing calling and email? There has been a significant shift away from telephone calls as their effectiveness continues to decline year after year.

With texting growing as an effective and efficient channel for professional as well as personal communication, telecom carriers in the US are adapting how they interact with businesses and companies that text. Did you know that 10DLC is the most recent step in this industry shift?

What is 10DLC Update in SMS Marketing?

A ten-digit long code (also known as 10DLC) is the latest industry-led long code solution for North American A2P (application-to-person) business messaging. And a 10DLC number is a local ten-digit phone number that can easily support higher volumes of text messages. Your business might already be quite familiar with the use of long codes to send text messages to customers, as well as the many benefits they offer, like text-enabling a customer service number.

However, note that “10DLC” is introducing a new and unique component to any business organization that would like to send text messages to customers in North America.

You may know that businesses were not obligated to register these original 10DLC numbers with their carriers. This made them relatively easy and straightforward to start using. However, that restricted carriers’ insight into what content business organizations were sending through text.

The good news is that with the 10DLC update, businesses can message higher volumes of customers using the same local ten-digit number. The number supports both texting and calling and helps create a more personalized and meaningful experience. And compliance and adoption can be pretty easy and hassle-free with the right messaging provider, such as LeadsRain.

Why Registering with 10DLC is Compulsory to use SMS Marketing?

There are many reasons you should register with 10DLC and make the most of voice broadcast.

Collect Customer Feedback

You may know that voice broadcasting is the most cost-effective and fastest way to reach your customers and clients to collect valuable feedback after outgoing calls at no additional cost.

Lower Costs

10DLC numbers are also a budget-friendly alternative, especially for small brands and companies looking to scale and improve their SMS marketing programs. Also, keep in mind that brands and businesses with existing long codes may simply register these codes with 10DLC. This ensures continuity of their current SMS programs.

Stay Consistent

Consistency of tone, voice, and the message is important to any business. And this is simply not achievable if you rely on manual calls. Voice broadcast is excellent as it offers complete uniformity of your corporate brand image. As a result, you can rest assured that all customers will get the same information.

Benefits of Registering with 10 DLC

Are you a company or small business that texts customers using a ten-digit long code phone number?

If so, carriers in the US will require you to register your business as well as how you use texting.

This is why it is strongly recommended that you complete registration as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits of registration. It is worth noting that this requirement applies to all business enterprises sending over 3,000 messages a day to the US or businesses that use more than five long code numbers for messaging to the US.

Recognition of Local Phone Number

Registering with 10DLC also helps businesses and companies confidently send text messages to all their customers either individually or at scale with a local phone number. This improves customer engagement and experience.

Higher Message Throughput

Did you know that A2P sanctioned 10DLCs can easily send up to thirty messages per second? And it is possible to request higher throughput for select use cases.

Better Deliverability

It is worth noting that 10DLC numbers are directly registered with the carriers? This is why A2P messages sent with these numbers are more likely to reach the recipients.

Improved Compliance

Did you know that using a local long code for business or commercial text messaging is against the CTIA guidelines? This presents a serious compliance risk and challenge for brands and companies that take this approach.

However, as 10DLC numbers are designated for mass messaging, they allow businesses to comply with industry regulations without having to rely on shortcodes.

As a reliable provider with direct connectivity to all the largest operators in the US and a leader in mobile messaging services, LeadsRain can offer your business many benefits, such as:

  • Faster message delivery and lower latency
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower costs, as there are fewer players in the middle
  • Reduced risk and vulnerabilities
  • More control of messages

What are the ramifications of failing to register for 10 DLC?

Penalties appear to be punitive, according to the recent updates.

  • Text Enablement Fee: $10,000 USD if a corporation or message sender texts a 10-digit NANP phone number and transmits messages before message sender ownership is verified.
  • Grey Route: $10 USD per message transmitted via a P2P route for every 10 DLC messages sent by a message sender.
  • Program evasion: It is punishable by a fine of $1,000 USD for each incidence of a violation (snowshoeing, dynamic routing, spam filter evasion, unapproved campaign service)
  • Content Evasion: For the third and any subsequent notification of a violation from the same content provider, the penalty is $10,000 USD.

Any infraction will almost certainly be met with warnings and reminders at first, before becoming slightly more coercive. Then you can see a drop in SMS deliverability or, in the worst-case scenario, an outright block. Carriers will very certainly impose fines for non-compliance in the future. Individual carriers are solely responsible for the penalties they impose and how aggressively they enforce them.

Final Thoughts

10DLC is definitely posed to shape and influence the future of SMS marketing as this important new standard is widely adopted by US brands. And this new and improved A2P SMS messaging channel will likely be a game-changer for most industries. To get more insight on 10 DLC updates contact us at support@leadsrain.com and get started today!