Why to Use Toll-Free Numbers for SMS Marketing?

Adopt Toll-Free Numbers for SMS Marketing

In today’s highly competitive business world, companies seek solutions to stand out and engage with their customers more meaningfully. One effective method that has gained popularity in recent years is SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is a comprehensive tool for businesses to reach their target audience swiftly and effectively. SMS marketing is one of the most extensive channels for acquiring new customers and growing revenue. It’s also a proven and prominent way to form loyalty, creating a personal connection that can increase engagement, sales, and lifetime value for repeat customers.

One way to optimize the effectiveness of SMS marketing is by using an SMS toll-free number. In this blog, we will discuss the concept of using toll-free numbers for SMS marketing and provide tips on how to use them for successful SMS marketing.

What Types Of Numbers Are Available To Businesses For SMS?

Short Codes

A five- or six-digit phone number known as a “shortcode” is used to send and receive SMS and MMS messages more significantly than long-code numbers. The only method to guarantee the deliverability of your messages without running the danger of a carrier banning traffic from your phone number is to use shortcodes, which are not subject to carrier filtering.

10 Digit Long Codes

These are regular phone numbers that can be used for SMS messaging. They are often used by businesses that only need to send occasional messages to customers or clients.


To send or receive SMS from a toll-free number to a mobile device, you can utilize a toll-free number SMS. Toll-free messaging performs well when dealing with person-to-person interactions like customer assistance or sales.

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Let’s get into a deeper view of Toll-free numbers for SMS

What is Toll-Free Number SMS?

Toll-free number SMS is a type of SMS marketing that uses toll-free phone numbers for businesses to communicate with their customers via text messaging. Toll-free numbers are phone numbers that customers can call without being charged and can also be used for SMS messaging.

Toll-free number SMS allows businesses to engage with their customers more directly and personally. It enables them to send text messages to customers who have opted in to receive SMS messages from the business. These messages can include promotional offers, discounts, event reminders, and other information the company wants to share with its customers.

What is an SMS Toll-Free number vs. Short Code?

Even though shortcodes can send and receive messages, shortcode SMS uses a distinct infrastructure from toll-free SMS. As a result, these two types of communication can have quite different deliverability. The toll-free number is a better option than using a shortcode if your aim for SMS texting is marketing.

SMS Toll-free number vs. SMS Short Code

Points Toll-Free Short Code
Type of messaging One-way & two-way messaging One-way & two-way communications
Capacity Medium High
Digits 10 digit 5-6 digits
Customization Brandable options Vanity short codes are accessible
Telephone Support Full Day Yes
Cost Less-expensive More-expensive
Carrier filtering Yes No
Provisioning period Instant 8-12weeks
Use-cases Customer service & chat applications High-volume alerts, notifications, marketing & reminders
Voice capability Yes No

Why are SMS Toll-Free Numbers The Best Choice for SMS Marketing?


When testing a new marketing channel, how fast that channel generates revenue is significant, and that’s where toll-free numbers come in handy.


There are only so many hours a day, so if you wait months to set up your SMS number (think shortcodes), you may be working on other tasks instead. As you can instantly set up SMS numbers (think toll-free), you utilize the time for other crucial business activities.

Business Enhancement

As your business grows and the list of subscribers increases, it’s imperative to obtain an SMS number to support that expansion. Instead of adding multiple 10DLC phone numbers, a toll-free number enables you to have a single SMS phone number dedicated to your brand.


The cost will determine if you begin using SMS marketing and need a sizable marketing budget for new projects. Since a toll-free number only costs a few dollars per month and is free when you join up with an SMS provider in certain circumstances, it is the most incredible SMS option if you are cost concerned.

A No-Brainer

Consequently, if you need clarification on how SMS will function as a marketing channel for your company, choosing to employ toll-free numbers becomes a no-brainer.

When Should You Avoid Toll-free number SMS?

  • There may be better options than toll-free number SMS for urgent or time-sensitive messages. While SMS messages are typically delivered quickly, there can be delays due to network congestion or other issues.
  • Toll-free number SMS messages are not encrypted, so they may not be ideal for sending confidential or sensitive information.
  • Toll-free number SMS is typically used for customer service and support, and sending marketing messages to non-customers may be seen as spam.
  • SMS Toll-free numbers may not work for international messaging or incur additional fees or restrictions.

Start Your Toll-Free SMS Marketing with LeadsRain!

Marketers are experiencing SMS’s unrivaled reach and effectiveness as consumers yearn for more intimate ways to interact with their favorite brands. If you still need to start using SMS, the time is now. Contact the LeadsRain support team today; we’re pleased to address any concerns and set you up with the appropriate SMS marketing in no time.