Grow Your Lead Generation Business with SMS Marketing Automation

Strategies To Boost Lead Generation Via SMS Marketing Automation

There are numerous methods for generating leads for a business. Most marketers usually make do with paid search, social media, email marketing, and other modern channels to find and qualify leads.

However, there is a slightly older method of communication that is just as effective at reaching people who may be interested in your product or service. Enter: SMS marketing.

Text message and SMS marketing are proven effective at helping you reach customers who are on the go. For example, did you know nearly 45% of prospective clients convert after receiving an SMS?

If your business attempts to generate leads, automating your text campaigns may just be the solution you need.

What is SMS Marketing Automation?

When you want to engage clients wherever they are, whether they have an active internet connection or not, SMS is the way to go.

SMS marketing is the practice of using text messages to communicate news, updates, and promotional or transactional messages. You can deliver targeted messages to a group of people or individuals automatically.

Timely and personalized messages are delivered through automated SMS marketing without requiring much manual work. In contrast to traditional SMS campaigns, you send these to all contacts on your list at once.

Strategies To Boost Lead Generation Via SMS Marketing Automation

There are a variety of automated SMS messages you can set up to advertise to your contacts more successfully and efficiently, whether you are new to SMS marketing or have been doing it for some time.

While each sort of SMS marketing automation has its own advantages, this section will focus on some of the most effective automation for increasing income.

1. Provide Welcome Offers/ Deals

No matter what they want to buy, various options are available to audiences today.

So, how do marketers distinguish themselves from their rivals? You can provide exclusive and distinctive coupons to entice non-subscribers to take advantage of your offer and make a purchase.

Offering welcome discounts to new clients might also persuade them to add more goods to their cart, raising the purchase value.

A cascading effect results from the order value’s average increment (AOV). It increases your capacity to invest more in advertising, generate higher revenues from each transaction, and subsequently raise the lifetime value of each customer (LTV).

2. Abandon Cart SMS

An abandoned cart text automation is the perfect solution if you want to increase sales or conversions and have a welcome SMS automation set up. Data from Klaviyo indicates that, along with the SMS marketing automation series, the abandoned cart is “typically the first or second largest revenue-generating flow for SMS.

As a follow-up to your standard abandoned cart email, you can send an abandoned cart SMS. Send your SMS to recipients who didn’t open your initial email to avoid overspending.

SMS notifications for abandoned carts should include a clear CTA and a link to the item the client left in their cart. A coupon might be included to entice recipients to make a purchase.

3. Action Through Retargeting Campaigns

In remarketing campaigns, SMS really shines at reaching prospects with things like:

  • Notifications to buy abandoned items
  • Reviews of purchases
  • Follow-ups for purchases

You can only retarget customers who have previously made purchases from you since SMS retargeting requires the full approval of your subscribers. You can take a few actions to entice subscribers to return and shop with you after you know which ones to retarget.

Using any ongoing public or private event as a conversational anchor is a fantastic method to connect to subscribers through SMS. It creates a point of agreement and gives the customer a sense that your SMS(s) are more pertinent. Making your SMS into a question is another option. When you give your subscribers a question to answer, they are much more likely to reconnect with you.

4. Gaining Feedback And Engaging In Conversation

To have more effective two-way communications with customers, use text messaging. Consider your text messages; they are a dialogue. However, businesses are frequently restricted to sending a single, one-way broadcast to everyone.

The advantages of permitting client input and responses by text message have not received much attention until now. Similar to how we initially thought of marketing as a straightforward, one-way magic pill sent to the people. The time for a shift has come.

You may build stronger relationships and get ideas and business intelligence simultaneously by having two-way text messaging discussions.

Here’s how SMS transmission and reception might operate for you:

  • Sending feedback surveys to gather opinions on the product or service
  • Inviting clients for consultations
  • Getting client feedback once the product or service has been delivered

Wrapping Up

Given the explosive growth of smartphones, SMS marketing will soon be commonplace. When executed properly, it can significantly benefit your e-commerce approach. You may communicate with your clients and boost sales automatically by incorporating SMS automation into your marketing plan.

While creating text messages does take some work in the beginning, once they are set up, automation takes care of the hard work. To get more ideas on SMS Marketing Automation and How to set up the Automated Marketing Campaign, connect with our team of experts now or write us back at