How to use SMS Marketing to Nurture Your Lead Generation Campaign?

Try SMS marketing to Nurture your Lead Generation Campaign

In the past few years, our way of communication has evolved drastically. Our preferences have changed regarding communication. People now prefer to send texts before a call to connect with their friends, family, or other people to pass the message with less effort and time without disturbing them on their schedule. This makes SMS marketing a vital component of any marketing campaign.

Why does SMS Marketing still work?

SMS marketing offers an excellent way to connect and engage your target customers and build their trust in your brand. However, it is often hard for new marketers to realize the full potential of SMS lead generation campaigns because they don’t know how and where to start. Do you know the open rate of SMS messages is a whopping 98% with an incredible 209% response rate? Hence, it becomes indispensable for you to integrate it into your marketing campaign. By adopting SMS marketing strategies, you can generate, nurture and convert leads.

Whether you want to stand out through automated mass texting or wish to send customized messages personalized to the preferences of your target customers, this guide provides you with strategies and practical tips to optimally use SMS marketing for lead generation.

Tips to Nurture your Lead Generation with SMS Marketing

#Pro-Tip 1: Keep it Simple:

A text message is not the same as a newsletter or an email. Short and to-the-point content is required. You want to thank them for taking the initiative without overwhelming them.

# Pro-Tip 2: Use SMS Keywords to increase Opt-in Ratio

Instead of giving a normal Yes or No, offer them specified SMS Keywords. For e.g., if you are sending a campaign to property buyers, ask them to reply with the keyword BUY. These specific keywords help you to segment your opt-in leads and allow you to put them under omnichannel follow-up programs.

#Pro-Tip 3: Register your Brand with 10 DLC

The latest 10 DLC update allows you to register your Brand and the 10 digits long caller ID with your organization name which makes the receiver of SMS aware of the organization from where the communication flow is coming from. They can decide to buy the brand name only to avail or avoid the offer. It gives authenticity to your campaign and increases the response ratio.

#Pro-Tip 4: Narrow your Targeting

Using shortlists and merge tokens to send highly targeted messages can result in very high response rates. Make your messages as personalized as possible.

#Pro-Tip 5: It’s a Time game

You may not believe it, but send the same message early in the morning and in the evening, and you get an entirely different response. And if your SMS marketing campaign fails to synchronize with their timings, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. However, this timing won’t give results on the weekend, so avoid weekends for such campaigns.

#Pro-Tip 6: Don’t overlook the Geographic Conditions

Knowing the right time to send a text is not only limited to the specific time of the day. It also includes the overall conditions when and when not to reach out to your prospects. For instance, if there is a storm in the area you are targeting, cease your text messaging campaign because people have more pressing matters to attend to than your SMS.

#Pro-Tip 7: Segment Your Target Leads

Group your audience on the basis of information that you receive from them to segment them into specific groups. This enables you to send highly targeted text messages. You can create audience segments based on their fields like opt-in, date, location, employment status, interests, and more.

#Pro-Tip 8: Get Traffic on Website through the relevant link in SMS

Use a link shortener to shorten online links and incorporate relevant links in your SMS. The links can help your prospect to get on your website or landing page to know more about your offer which you can’t add in 160 characters. This will also help you get more information about clients and opt-in leads with sign-ups.

#Pro-Tip 9: Create a Strong CTA

Make sure every communication you send includes a clear Call-To-Action. Also, make sure your prospects are aware of the value you’re providing. You should use a clear call to action to tell your prospects what to do. Take a minute before sending your text message to consider what your communication’s ultimate aim is, and include a call-to-action that will lead your prospects to that goal.

#Pro-Tip 10: Set Auto SMS Responders

You need more than auto-reply to nurture your leads. Set up an auto SMS responder, also known as pre-scheduled SMS. These messages are sent automatically to the prospects at a scheduled time and date after a few weeks, days, or even months. You can also use these responders to educate your users about your product or service or send them additional resources. Moreover, you can use them to offer free product trials to your target customers.

#Pro-Tip 11: Ask for Feedback

If a lead still doesn’t respond, it’s possible that your business texting program isn’t offering them enough value. If this is the case, don’t give up; ask for input to see how you can enhance your company.

Bottom Line:

SMS marketing has a great potential to boost your overall marketing campaign and give highly effective outcomes if you implement it correctly. By following the tips mentioned above, you can accomplish outstanding results from your SMS marketing campaign and stay ahead of the curve. To know more, get in touch with our experts at or schedule an appointment to get started.