Rich Text Messaging: Proven Tool to boost your Sales Follow Strategy

Rich Text Messages Tool to boost your Sales Follow Strategy

Let’s start with Why a Predefined Sales Follow up? Statistically, marketers worldwide only spend a third of their total time pitching their product, interacting with prospects, or improving or learning about their products. A whooping two-third of the time is spent in hassles leading to followups. An established and predefined followup strategy goes a long way in streamlining the followups.

The need of the hour demands proper followups, a sizable chunk of marketers drop the ball on lead follow up by, (bring in the drum rolls) by not reaching out again. We know it sounds stupid, right! It is!

What’s more?

70% of surveyed consumers reported they WANT to be contacted again!

Why should you follow up?

Well, the answer is because you would lose out on probable customers. There we said it. Now send that text!

Common issues in Followups

Well, many would say that followups don’t work, and most of the cases, they don’t work if your follow up strategy suffers from one of the symptoms below.

Impromptu Follow Up

Don’t even get me started on this, flying by the seat of your pants is just as worse as not following up. Scratch that it’s even worse. A haphazard follow up may at worse not only turn off the lead but also turn on you!

A structured and well defined follow up strategy makes for a consistent sales funnel.

Annoyed lead

Excessive or really aggressive follow up is just a thin line away from one of the most dreaded words in the industry – “SPAM.”
Understand your leads and find precisely what ticks them and what they prefer. Market research, anyone?

Low Email open rate

For email marketers, low open rates severely limit your reach. The right solution is to integrate a channel with high open rates. We also recommend using more powerful words in the subject line for a catchy first line.

Aimless Followup

Don’t follow up because it is recommended. Set out with a clear goal and well-articulated goal like pushing the lead to the next level of the funnel, building a rapport, etc. Even just touching base is a good goal. That’s all you proceed with. A good goal.

Data less approach.

Measure everything you can so you can have insight into everything you can! Of Course, it comes with a prerequisite of consistency. Data depends mainly on consistency once you have a steady, consistent data logged in your database.

Guilt Tripping Clients

We all are guilty of doing this. Guilt is the enemy of an adequate follow-up; it may be as simple as “hey I left you a message and you did not reply….” Using unfair tactics isn’t sustainable and not a tactic a good marketer should aim at.

The best tool for Follow Up

Rich Text Message is our entry to the “followup Oscars.” Why such trust, you ask?

Because by far, it is the best tool for sales follows up!

An almost 100% open rates that too a significant chunk of the messages opening within the first five minutes!

With a virtually limitless reach, it is a must for any followup strategy.

LeadsRain’s Pro Tip – Call and text combo for your follow-ups is only beaten by chocolate and chip! Augment your drip message strategy with calling for maximum punch!

How Can Rich Text Message Make the Follow Up Stronger?

Amazing open rates

We said it once, and we repeat it! This is the best channel if you are aiming for open standards. Did we mention that most millennials prefer a text?


Simplicity in the tool is the key to its versatility. The widespread and straightforward familiarity makes it an ideal followup channel for demographics across all the range.

Rich Media Capabilities

LeadsRain Rich Text Message Media Capabilities

Text Message now supports rich media elements like audio, video, and image!

Send scannable QR codes, audio, video, and image directly to the phone!

Easy to use tools for bulk sending

Online easy to use tools now make it even easier to contact all your leads. Tools like our very own Rich Texting service also provide added features, sign up here and get a free trial to test them out yourself.

Mostly it’s a SPAM Free Channel of Communication

Most of the people who received the Text Messages know that there are no SPAM activities there in Text Message Campaigns. This also helps to keep the open ratio near to 99% and also has an essence of trust of some kind.

Final words

Rich text messaging is a must-have tool for any followup tool. Increasing features add on to the highly versatile nature of the book messaging. Text messaging, coupled with a good followup strategy, is all that you for a successful followup!