We are Ready with 10DLC Update

LeadsRain Ready with 10DLC Update

10DLC is something in the news for a long time and is widely discussed by marketers looking to use SMS and MMS service for their business marketing campaigns. Frequent thoughts in their minds are what is 10 DLC and what is happening with it.

What is the story behind 10DLC?

Mobile carriers are now imposing adjustments on throughput limits on local messaging for marketers, sending the messages for business purposes with marketing platforms, also known as A2P programs. Also, applying new requirements for registering the Brand and Campaign with 10 digit caller IDs need to be used, with additional fees.

The throughput limit can be different based on many factors, but it should receive a better ratio than the traditional 1 message per second.

LeadsRain Update on 10DLC:

At LeadsRain, We were working on 10DLC development as soon as the things came in the news. After spending a good time and effort, we are now ready with 10DLC set-up and help our clients to avail the SMS service to out-perform their marketing campaigns with a higher throughput ratio for improved ROI of the campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions on 10DLC by Marketers

Why do you need to Register 10DLC Campaign?

It’s been a long-awaited update in the industry to find the solution for using local numbers to deliver A2P message traffic to subscribers with a vast volume. That will be possible now with 10 digits local caller IDs.

As many of the services providers have agreed on the need for registration and additional charges to take the throughput ratio on the higher side, that should be granted a higher messaging class. These carriers will also need TCR to capture the information on A2P message senders and what kind of traffic is being sent to their mobile subscribers.

Is Registering Campaign for each Brand necessary?

Based on current updates, each Brand needs to be registered for each use case. Clubbing similar use cases under one Brand is not going to work. Individual registration will be compulsorily required.

How much time is it needed for Campaign Approval?

Typically, the Campaigns with standard use case types are getting approval within 24 hours. In the case of any particular use case, time can vary, depending on the use case.

Is this going to apply only to SMS service?

This is going to be applied to SMS only for now.

Still have any Doubt?

To know more about what is 10DLC and how it works, write back to our support team at support@leadsrain.com.