Innovative Lead Generation Ideas for BOX Packaging Industry

Box Packaging Industry with Lead Generation Ideas

Craving for fundamental activity— of digital marketing? Lead generation is perfect for the packaging market, significantly increasing your sales through outbound marketing solutions. 

It’s time for the packaging industry to shift its approach to lead generation activities. Align your industry’s business model with automated and ground-breaking technology for result-driven. 

Let’s take a 360 ° tour of all lead generation ideation to put in place, considering it as a matter of urgency for your packaging business.

Box Packaging Manufacturing Industry Overview

The US Packaging industry is highly combative. The Box packaging industry in the United States is segmented by material types such as paper/ paperboard/ plastic/ glass/ metal and end-user industries are food/ beverage/ pharmaceuticals/ households/ personal care. 

The packaging boxes industry size attained US$ 141.44 billion in 2023 and is expected to US$ 230.37 billion by 2033.  

American Packaging Corporation, Sonoco Products Company, Sealed Air Corp., Owen Illinois Inc. Crown Holdings, CCL Container (Hermitage), IncBall Corporation, Berry Global IncInternational Paper Company, and Proampac LLC are the major companies operating in the US Packaging Market.

The global packaging boxes industry is believed to grow at a stable rate over the period, owing to the growing food & beverage industry.

What is the role of Lead Generation in the Box Packing Industry? 

A game-changing approach that fuels business growth in the competitive landscape is considered as — Lead Generation. 

But do you know what lead is? Lead is an individual or business entity that has expressed interest in your product/services. They have already provided their contact details for contacting them further. 

Now, the biggest question: What’s the role of lead generation in the Packaging Industry? 

Outbound lead generation facilitates outreach approaches that are targeted on specific criteria such as defined profiles of ideal prospects, always being consistent in the execution process, and being repeatable until the positive result. 

Lead generation services will support corrugated packaging to leverage sales with the latest CRM system, marketing automation, and analytics solutions to track every sales effort. Protected with such outbound solutions, box manufacturers can better understand what’s working and what’s not, which can lead to maximizing success accordingly.

Well, the box packaging industry is rapidly growing globally but still lacks in some aspects of attracting purchasers towards their brand. Here comes the new strategy of —-lead generation which consists of bringing buyers to your packaging industry.

Lead generation can indulge buyers for your corrugated boxes in just  3 steps; 

  • Attract (Bringing customers through effective practices)
  • Engage (Transform visitors into leads & leads into paid customers)
  • Delight (Build long-term relationships)

List of Industries Where Corrugated Boxes are used as packing Materials

According to a survey conducted, the global packaging market expands by almost 3.7% annually, and last year i.e. 2023 it was projected at $300 billion. Are you aware of some notable industries where boxes are used as packaging? 

Here’s a list of some industries to help you understand where corrugated cardboard boxes are used as packaging materials. 

Retailers and E-commerce Businesses

Corrugated boxes are widely used in the E-Commerce industry for packaging products during shipping and transportation. Corrugated boxes are considered the backbone of the E-commerce supply chain. On the other hand, many retail stores optimize corrugated boxes for packaging and displaying their products. Goods such as clothes, electronics items, toys, and many more are appropriate for storing and organizing in boxes. 

Manufacturers and Producers

Looking at manufacturing sectors, these boxes are used for packaging of various products such as machinery parts, tools, equipment, and several other components. Corrugated boxes are best for the protection required during storage and transportation. 

Food and Beverage Industry

Corrugated boxes to a large extent are being used in the food & beverage industry. They are quite common in such industries for storing food items like cereals, snacks, canned goods, and other perishable goods. Corrugated containers were most effective in terms of maintaining freshness for a longer period. 

Pharmaceutical Companies

When it comes to packaging and transporting medications, medical supplies, and vials; the pharmaceutical industry trusts corrugated boxes. Well, it’s a great option to ensure that medicines reach their destination safely at the correct temperature. Best for sensitive healthcare products. 

Cosmetics and Personal Care Brands

When it comes to personal care goods, we all think about their maintenance; Corrugated boxes maintain a good hygienic condition. Many personal care products like cosmetics, face wash, soaps, cleaning supplies, and more are packaged in corrugated boxes. 

Automotive Industry

This industry uses corrugated boxes to package auto parts, accessories, and several different components of motor vehicles. It relies heavily on corrugated boxes because they ensure protection during shipping and handling. 

Electronics and Technology Companies

We all have seen that electronics, from small gadgets to larger appliances, often come packaged in corrugated boxes. During the transit of technology equipment and electronics, they were required to be cushioned for safeguarding devices. Corrugated boxes come with protective materials. 


Several other industries which use corrugated boxes are agriculture- to transport fruits/vegetables/flowers/agricultural products, Furniture- packaging of smaller items such as knobs, screws, and assembly instructions, Relocation- it’s the industry where heavy corrugated boxes are used for locating goods from one place to another. 

Several industries have started adopting them, and the future of corrugated boxes is definitely on the brighter side.

Lead Generation Ideas for the Box Packaging Industry

Get insights into different lead generation ideas and focus on your sales efforts to turn prospect lists into paid customers. We have some mentioned practical  lead generation ideation for the box packaging industry, have a look;

1. From Inbox to Conversion: Send Commercial messages 

Email marketing is an incredibly effective lead-generation strategy, still does not implement the power of email campaigns! Your company is missing out on a significant source of lead generation. Your email marketing should target potential and current customers who already visited your website in search of your product/services. 

Email marketing automation can be implemented to track metrics for email campaigns like open rates, link clicks, bounce rates, etc.

Building an email list and nurturing leads via targeted email campaigns is a tactic lead generation strategy. Make sure to provide them with valuable content like “Enhance your Brand’s Packaging with our Innovation Corrugated boxes”, exclusive promotions, and personalized approaches that convert leads into paid customers. 

2. Close Deals with Cold Calling 101

Cold calling lead generation is one of the first-rate ideas that companies use to attract prospects via cold calls using cloud predictive dialer software. This strategy integrates a list of potential prospects and reaches them out via phone, promising to enhance their interest in brand products/services. 

Enter cold calling —a powerful idea for your box packaging business, enabling you to connect with potential clients, and generate personal connections directly. Making unsolicited calls enables immediate feedback which helps you to prioritize follow-ups, nurture warm leads, and focus on resources on those who show genuine interest in your box packaging solutions. 

So why wait? Let’s start cold calling for successful deals

3. Access for Free Trials / Samples 

One of the great ways to talk about your industry is by providing numerous industries i.e. manufacturers, automotive, food, and many more that optimize corrugated boxes for storage and packaging. This idea will give a reason to industries to talk about your product and thereby likely to increase word of mouth. 

This lead generation idea will create a  sense of good sharing experience with others. Plus, accessing free trials on your products for 1st purchase will create a buzz around your brand and generate leads. 

4. Leave Silent Impact, Beyond The Ring….

BTW, What’s Ringless Voicemail? It’s a way in which pre-recorded audio messages are placed into voicemail accounts that are straightforwardly sent to their voicemail inbox without the need for the phone to ring first. This idea eliminates the need for intrusive phone calls that can disrupt a potential client’s workflow. That’s why it is also considered as —a silent voicemail drop. 

With this innovative idea, you can reach a large number of clients in a shorter amount of time. 

Let’s have an example of Ringless Voicemail; 

“Hello, Enem! This is Aly from XYZ Packaging Industry.

I wanted to reach out to introduce our exceptional box packaging solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. We have a variety of high-quality packaging that enhances product appeal and protects your valuable items.

Please let me know about your requirements, Thank you!”

5. Digital Content Marketing

Content marketing is the big wheel for the packaging industry and smart content marketers know it’s a key to your success. Just be mindful that when your content related to your industry, i.e., the box packaging industry, is interactive, it will engage your customers and other industries to get attracted towards your brand and thereby capture interested leads. 

The box packaging industry can majorly focus on lead- and traffic-generated content. Traffic-generating content involves social media posts, blogs, videos, and many more, which can generate traffic to your industry. Lead-generating content means webinars, discounts, free trials, coupons, referrals, etc. 

Let’s know about a new trend: Digital marketing provides a glimpse into the best ways to reach new buyers, engage with customers, and grow your business. As the box packaging industry is upgrading —so are the buying patterns of customers too. This is a competitive industry, so be mindful of your marketing approach. 

Digital marketing allows your industry to increase brand awareness, get market identity, offer to engage with your target audience or specific industry, and thus increase revenue through creating predictable growth. 

6. High Impact, High Visibility Through Billboard

Create a visually appealing and captivating billboard featuring a large locked box. Design billboards with such a concept of creativity and innovation that showcases your advertising with a visually stunning box design. 

Promote the idea that your corrugated box packaging solutions can help several industries stand out from the crowd.

A secret tip: Include a QR code or a shortened URL description of your website to attract leads toward your brand and help them learn more.

Billboard advertising generates a high impact on audiences with larger visibility. 

7. Craft Compelling Texts Messages 

SMS lead generation is another wonderful tactic for the packaging industry. This lead-generating idea is the process of using text messages to attract industries/customers towards your store and thereby nurturing their interest through ongoing text messages. 

For example; You can encourage them with a specific keyword to your designated number of boxes with personalized quotes for their packaging needs. Deliver messages regularly featuring creative box packaging designs from your portfolio. 

SMS drip campaigns are also an effective approach for sending your subscribers a consistent stream of text messages. They are more like triggered SMS messages, which can provoke customers to take action.

8. From Silos To Synergy…. Connecting Across Channels

One of the gainful lead generation ideas could be an adoption of omnichannel support —connecting all channels such as phone, email, website, social media, and many more to alamagate with customers over their preferred communication channel.

Box Packaging Industry can offer consistent service quality across multiple channels, and in return, they are likely to retain 89% of their customers as per research. 

This multi-touchpoint approach builds trust, keeps your brand popular among others, and ultimately increases lead conversions for your box packaging business. All about delivering optimal omnichannel customer support, increasing opportunities to interact with a wide range of customers, and offering them a seamless customer experience. 


Surviving in the packaging industry, it’s mandatory to understand buyer personas and therefore you need the right lead generation channels. Remember, lead generation isn’t an end goal, instead it’s a continuous process for engagement. Make sure to follow practical lead generation ideas, helping the packaging industry to acquire more customers, retain them, and accelerate the sales funnel.