How do you Leave a Good Voicemail for Sales?

Leave a good voicemail for sales

You might be thinking that in this fast-paced time, phone calls may not always be answered, but leaving a well-crafted voicemail can still make a lasting impression. We’ve got some valuable tips to help you master the art of leaving a voicemail that captures attention and drives results. 

RingLead’s recent data showed that “80% of all sales calls go to voicemail”.

What are Sales Voicemails?

Sales voicemails discuss recorded messages that sales professionals leave for potential customers over the non-intrusive communication system. It’s a briefing and friendly type of message aiming to spark interest and encourage the recipient to return the call to further engage in conversation about a specific product/service.

They are considered one of the mindful approaches —–making a memorable first impression and stepping towards a meaningful business relationship.

Why is Voicemail Sales Important?

If you desire a successful sales process—–then you must uphold sales voicemail as an important component. 

The fact of the matter: Voicemails are one of the most effective touchpoints of a sales rep’s cold outreach strategy, delivering more personalized messages that efficiently grab the attention of potential customers. 

If truth be told, the average sales reps deliver a gigantic 70 voicemails per day; as 97% of sales calls are likely to go to voicemail. 

Let’s have an open discussion with a few outlined points, why are sales voicemails important? 

Enhance brand awareness and identity

The voicemail script includes the name of your company which helps prospects to become more aware of your brand. 

Generates callback from prospects

Constructively generated voicemail messages are more effective in terms of getting a callback from the prospect. 

Showcase your genuine concern

Most individuals only leave voicemail during an emergency. Reps may provide the impression that their offer is worth leaving a message for by leaving a sales voicemail. 

6  Tips To  Leave a Good  Voicemail Sales

Brushing up the art of effective sales voicemails can take a little time, but the best side bet is to be engaging and relevant but not pushy. Below, we have mentioned some tips to increase your chances of converting prospects. 

1. Gaze at Voicemail Length 

Keep your voicemail under 30 seconds if possible. This ensures that you provide enough information to pique their interest without taking up too much of their time. Always recall that a good voicemail shouldn’t exceed more than 30 seconds. 

One study on sales voicemails releases “the sweet spot for sales voicemails is between 18 and 30 seconds”

Delivering your message to the point will add value to your customer and increase the chances of getting your call returned. 

2. Remark on Follow-up Plans

One of the best strategies and techniques used to leave effective voicemail when following up with potential customers. In simple terms, follow-up plans are particularly designed to help sales professionals leave concise, engaging, and persuasive voicemail messages that capture the attention of the recipient and encourage them to take action. 

A few elements included in follow-up plans are; 

  • Introduce yourself and your company 
  • Demonstrate the purpose of the call
  • Highlighting the benefits of product/services 
  • Clear call to action 

Remarking on these tips, sales reps can leave voicemail messages that leave a positive impression and increase the likelihood of a response or further engagement. 

3. Transmit Voicemail without any Disruption

Think about a non-intrusive technology that can be used to deliver voicemail messages directly to a recipient’s voicemail inbox without their phone ringing. With ringless voicemail, sales professionals can leave a targeted and personalized voicemail message without causing any interruption or inconvenience to the recipient. 

By transmitting voicemail with this technology, your well-crafted voicemail sales messages are more likely to be listened to and responded to, ultimately increasing the chances of generating leads and closing sales

4. Enact the Tone of your Voice

The tone of your voice is considered one of the most essential elements when leaving sales voicemail—-as they are the actual words you deliver to your potential customers. Think of speaking with a friendly and enthusiastic tone. Attempt to be professional but approachable, and convey your message in a way that makes the recipient feel valued and important. 

One insider tip: Say less and slow down —- the speed of your words can directly demonstrate a negative impact on your message as well. 

5. Fabricate relevant Voicemail Messages

Fabricating a relevant voicemail message requires understanding the target audience and tailoring the message to their specific needs and preferences. This can be achieved by conducting thorough research on the prospect’s industry, company, and specific pain points. 

Ultimately, a relevant voicemail message is a powerful tool to grab the prospect’s attention and leave a lasting impression. Thereby, sales professionals can significantly increase their chances of success. 

6. Leave off with Contact Information 

Ending with contact info is essential for leaving a good voicemail sales message. It means that at the end of your message, after you’ve shared your exciting product/service details, you want to leave the recipient with your contact information. 

By leaving off with contact info politely and comprehensively, you increase the chances of a potential customer reaching out to you and potentially closing a sale. 

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Are Scripts for Sales Voicemails Effective?

Indeed, sales voicemail scripts work deftly. 

Recently a study by InsideSales proclaimed that sales voicemail script cloud leads up to a 22% increase in your callback rates. 

Despite the fact that relationship building starts with cold outreach, once the prospects listen to voicemail messages and call back—-they ideally become warm leads. Bear in mind that the better your voicemail message, the more likely —warm leads will generate and will contact you to know how your products will be helpful to them, stepping up your sales pipeline. 

Availing sales voicemail script channels less flustered sales reps who precisely know what to say after hearing the voicemail tone. 

It has come into consideration that effective voicemails significantly increase your odds of receiving a call back from a prospect. To tell the truth, with each voicemail a sales professional leaves, their odds of generating a callback increase by almost 11%. 

Leaving a voicemail is a good impression, but you won’t increase your callback rates until you optimize your message. That’s where maximizing sales voicemail script comes in readily available. Below, we discussed some mindful sales voicemail scripts to increase call rates.  

Let’s jump on the statistics aspect;  

Important statistics that you must be aware of in the world of leaving a voicemail for sales.

According to RingDNA, “If your team consists of 50 sales reps, their average monthly voicemail will be about 1,277 hours”.

“The average voicemail response rate is 4.8%”.

As per InsideSales,

5 Sales Voicemail Scripts to Increase Call Rates 

Just recall, a good voicemail sales script will boost your chances of getting a callback with the backup of a strong connection. As stated by Jake Stutzman – The Senior ADR at  UserGems, “Try to keep it short and don’t ask for much when creating a cold call voicemail script. Instead, deliver something that gets their attention and is memorable.” 

Below are five mind-blowing scripts you can borrow and manipulate to increase your response rates from sales voicemails.

1. The exclusive offer 

“Hello Zen!

As a valuable customer, I wanted to extend a special offer exclusively for you. It’s something I believe would greatly benefit your business.

Call me back at *********** to find more info about this exciting opportunity”

2. The interest sparks the script 

“Hey Aly!

I recently came across something that could be transformational for your business. I’d like to share more details with you.

Please give me a call back at your earliest convenience at ***********. Looking forward to connecting!”

3. The follow-up reminder 

“Hi, Zara! How are you? We recently spoke about (a particular proposal) and I wanted to react to see if you had any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with. Give a call at ********** when you have a minute”.

4. The Referral appeal 

“Hey! Mr.

XXX Spoke highly of you and suggested we connect. They believe our collaboration could lead to great things happening.

Let’s find out how we can work together to achieve your set goals. Reach me at ********”.

5. The time-critical deal

“Hello Anna!

We have a limited-time promotion available which you shouldn’t miss out on. It ends soon, so let’s connect quickly to discuss how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Call me back at ***********”.


Happy voicemail selling! It’s a good time to put these tips into action. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to leaving voicemails that make a positive impression, build relationships, and ultimately lead to successful sales outcomes.