Top 5 Strategies to Get More Leads with Auto Dialer for Your Cleaning Business

Boost your business with Cloud based Dialer

Auto dialer has proved to be one of the essential sources of lead generation. If you’ve got a cleaning business, it’s a great idea to incorporate this mega helpful tool for boosting your business.

You will find a vast number of outbound call centers using Auto-dialing software for multiple campaigns. Agents cannot waste time on answering machines, disconnected calls, call disposing, busy tones, and more. This is where auto dialer comes to the rescue and provides one of the best solutions for talk time.

This software helps expand the talk time per hour for agents and cuts down on massive idle time simultaneously. If you, too, want to boost your business’s productivity, we have listed the top 5 strategies to use auto dialer for lead generation below. Keep reading!

Cloud-based Auto Dialer- What it is

An auto dialer is a software that brings manual dialing woes to an end for businesses. This software is best for automated calls because it dials numbers automatically from a given list. Once the receiver answers the call, they will contact an agent through the dialer.

With auto dialer, businesses get a more streamlined process that increases talk time and reduces wastage for agents. When agents are free of pointless time dialing, they become more successful in crafting better messages and delivering them more successfully.

Most Common Issues with Cleaning Business Lead generation

Of course, leads are necessary for a company’s survival. As a result, it is preferable to find solutions to your problems rather than ignore them. So let’s dive in:

Poor Quality of Leads

For the Cleaning business, when cold outreach is done, leads come in bulk, either from the lead provider or with references or other lead sources. The clear intent to opt for service is hazy, a clear discussion with them is a must to get clarity and remove such poor leads from the list.

Too many Cold Leads

Leads coming in bulk must be cold leads where the company has never contacted the customer, nor do they practice the same. Both are unknown to each other. Such leads need to be contacted in person to make it warm or drop. Follow-ups on warm leads always give a higher closing ratio.

Unresponsive Leads

When leads are coming from different sources, the chances of their unresponsiveness becomes higher, and that’s where you need an alternate channel around to reach them immediately to let them know why you have been contacting them with a clear purpose and intention.

Too many Home numbers than Cellphones:

Most of the time, deciding upon the cleaning service is a decision taken by the homemakers. Hence, it’s good to contact home numbers to get listened to, making you choose the communication channel carefully to reach homeowners.

Geographically Scattered Leads:

Most of the time, the database is scattered in too many geographical areas, which can be a headache for the lead generators to handle systematically and contact them accordingly at a suitable time.

Top 5 Strategies of Using Auto Dialer for Cleaning Business Lead Generation

1. Categorize your leads with the first interaction

As a lead generator, you ought to classify your leads into Good and Poor leads and then move the good leads into the funnel for further followups. But the question is how to organize them into good or bad until you have a conversation with them.

With a Cloud-based auto dialer, you have an edge to get the immediate response and decision-making to understand the state of the lead. If the lead is responsive, talk to them, check their interest level, and move them into good or bad leadership. If the lead is non-responsive after multiple retries, you can decide to move them on bad leads temporarily or permanently.

2. Warm your Leads with Cold calling for the next follow-up

Warm leads are more responsive in comparison to cold ones. The reason is clients’ familiarity with the brand or company who is trying to communicate with them as they might have come in contact directly or indirectly with each other.

Typically marketers use other channels to warm the cold leads and then make the calls, but in different channels where direct contact is missing, converting the ratio of cold to warm is less. With Cold calling, the chances of getting the answer are yes, or no is pretty higher. So, the cleaning business lead generator can directly call the leads and make them aware of the purpose and make them ready for the subsequent follow-ups

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3. Leave Automated Voicemail and Email from Dialer to Unresponsive Leads

Keeping the unresponsive leads untouched in any way is equal to dropping that lead without making an effort on that.

But with a Cloud-based dialer, you can leave an automated voicemail into the voicemail box on the leads which are not answering the calls and getting answering machines. Also, you can set up a pre-drafted email to send for following on missed calls and asking for a better time to contact them if you have the email credentials available with you.

4. Do Smart calling with Geographical Filter and Local Caller IDs

It’s crucial to call the leads at the proper time as per their geographical location. To manage their call times, you need to categorize the leads according to their geographical location and the timezone they belong to.

With Web-based dialers, you can create the customized filters to categorize leads based on their location and timezone and other multiple criteria as per requirements to make sure the call connects with them at the proper time.

Also, you can set up a local caller ID to show them when they receive the call, which will 2x the responses from customers.

5. Calling is the best way to reach Homeowners

Definitely, there are multiple ways to reach the homeowners, but the best channel where they are most responsive is their landline phone, and the only way to reach them over there is to call them. Most of the other channels reach them on cell phones or the web, but the purest form of conversation can be done over the call with a Predictive dialer.

With a Cloud-based Predictive dialer Software, you can reach the homeowner if your database consists of the landline number where most of the decision-makers are available.

Features of LeadsRain Cloud-based Dialer that Boost your Cleaning Business Lead generation & Lead Conversion Ratio:

  • Automated Removal of Answering Machine calls
  • Manage Blended calls to stay tuned in realtime
  • Call to Voicemail
  • Call to Email
  • Follow the Sun Dialing
  • Customized Filters
  • Local presence with Local caller IDs
  • Realtime Tracking of Agents with Call Barging and Whispering
  • Many more…

Final Thoughts

Lead generation is all about establishing connections with your customers, and having a one-to-one conversation with them is Vital. In fact, success in this regard directly impacts the size of revenue you will earn. Web-based dialers cater all the supplements that your cleaning business needs to grow lead generation activity. All you need to do is to make intelligent use of a Cloud-based Dialer. To know more about how LeadsRain’s Cloud Predictive Dialer can 2X your Cleaning business leads, contact us on or Schedule or demo now.