4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Marketing Automation

4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Marketing Automation

Remember Will Smith’s “I Robot”? Imagine the same thing, without the robots going so horribly rogue. That is marketing automation for you. In the B2B world, this method has a huge potential of increasing your ROI.

Marketing automation is a method of assigning repetitive tasks from your lead generation model to a software, that you can manage and monitor easily.

While it is a method of optimizing your marketing strategy, often, businesses use marketing automation method in the hopes of “repairing” their existing lead generation model.

This is where they go wrong in utilizing the digital marvel of the B2B world.

For marketing automation to perform well, you need a working lead generation model, which is bringing leads into your lead funnel.

You can adopt the marketing automation method to then make your model perform better than it is, and save you enough time to analyze and then improve the model.

By now you’ll be tempted to ask me that if you already have an existing lead generation model, why would you require marketing automation?

Finally! We’re getting somewhere.


Let me explain to you exactly why your company could use the marketing automation method, to improve your lead generation model in different ways.

Poor Lead Nurturing

To start off, you could be facing problems with your lead nurturing process.There could be many reasons behind this happening.

For instance, your content isn’t up to the mark, suggesting that you have a poor understanding of your leads.

Lead nurturing process makes use of specific lead scoring data which is interpreted to figure out the next step.The data could involve the lead’s psychological tendencies, segmentation based on online activities, and so on.

This will help you analyze what the lead needs and what you can do to convince him to become a customer.

At many stages, the lead nurturing process has an “IF-THEN” situation.

What I mean by this is that the study of demographics will give us an idea about potential leads from unpromising ones.

You can assign these tasks to the automation software by setting up automation triggers at certain points where the “IF-THEN” situation prevails.

For instance, if the lead has reached the pricing page, you have observed that they are likely to end up purchasing the product within the day or 2. So they will be placed in the warm lead section. In this manner, you can automate your lead nurturing process at several places, either to effectively draw them deeper into the funnel or even filter out unpromising visitors.

Slow growth

It is probably the repetitive tasks to blame but the slow growth is a big problem today.

Often visible in the B2B companies, the growth spurts during the business’ puberty stage often faces the hurdles of undernourishment.

Here, by undernourishment, I mean that the business does not receive enough attention where it is required.

It is observed that potential B2B companies do not perform as well as they were expected to because the business leaders spent too much time on repetitive tasks rather than developmental moves.

Sounds familiar? I say this is exactly like cleaning up your room or washing your clothes.

It is equally important to other tasks, but it does not make us productive in any way.

And with business leaders spending too much of their time after these repetitive tasks, is what costs the company it’s quality nourishment.

Now with washing machines, dishwashers, it is safe to say, that at least in the households the headache of repetitive tasks is out of the picture.

Same can be said for the B2B businesses with marketing automation.

You definitely require marketing automation software setup to manage your campaign’s repetitive tasks of looking after and segregating leads at every stage.

It will provide you with the time to analyze your campaign in many different ways, and let you understand the places that could use innovation for generating more leads.


Optimize Marketing Strategy

Marketing automation has multiple optimization prospects when used correctly, and if not, it can cause irreparable damage too.

Let us look at this positively.

You may have an existing lead generation model which is generating enough leads daily for your business.

But what if I told you that with marketing automation you can not only optimize your marketing strategy but also upscale your business.

Marketing automation gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate your resources and allocate them efficiently.

By assigning the automation triggers, you will be making your campaign self-sustained.

This, however, does not mean that you do not look after the campaign, once automated. It needs constant monitoring.

By self-sustained, I mean it will execute for itself the next steps through the automation triggers while you monitor the effects of the resources used for automation and the overall response to the campaign.

This will let you understand the necessary changes to the automation model.

Moving on, a marketing automation model does not function over just one model. It makes use of various channels to deliver a wholesome personalized experience to your leads.

Hence, with marketing automation, your campaign is omnipresent with your message, personalized for your numerous leads.

In other words, with marketing automation, you are stepping up your marketing game to make your stand stronger in the market.

Cleaning the Funnel

The lead funnel needs to be periodically cleaned and maintained.

Often some unpromising leads enter your funnel who are hard on your sales team.

Moreover, these unpromising leads can ruin the authenticity of your data, and they need good attention to filter out.

It might seem impossible for an unpromising lead to be mistakenly segregated along with the warm leads.

But it happens more often than you’d think.

Lucky for us, this has a pattern, and you can assign the triggers to filter out these mistaken leads from your funnel, back into the sea.

By studying the surfing patterns of specific leads, and understanding the similarities between the mistaken leads we can solve this problem once and for all using marketing automation.

So after the initial set of leads are achieved, the workflow can include a process for filtering the acquired leads once again.

Place automation triggers after this first step to see if all the leads or are really interested in the product are they simply “hardbound window shoppers.”

This will essentially leave only the leads showing the behavior of purchasing your product, and simultaneously help your growth statistics to be more reliable.


The age of technology is born out of necessity. Today we make use of this technology to outperform the humans.

Marketing automation is the best example of this. But by admitting to the use of this method to outperform the humans, does not make one admit defeat against the technology

Rather, it proves the human to be smarter in inventing something stronger than itself.

You can find this powerful technology here.

However, do not make the mistake of giving them too much power, and too much liberty, else you could be pulling off another I Robot part 2.

So use this technology wisely.

And if you think you need some more guidance over the use of this technology, you can always email us at >support@leadsrain.com

Find the solution to a number of your problems with this method

And make what is already good, perform better.

Marketing automation is the need for every business today, so they can spend their time in quality work and not maintenance based repetitive tasks.