Stay DreamForce ‘18 Ready: What’s new in Marketing Automation!

Two thousand and eighteen years since Jesus, and it’s quite evident that mankind is created to keep innovating something new, and Salesforce thoroughly understands that.

This is exactly why they have emphasized marketing automation so the man isn’t asked to manually operate repetitive tasks. 

With marketing automation being an important topic of discussion this year for DreamForce,

We can expect something interesting to come out on this topic.

However, you can not fully reap the benefits of something like marketing automation if your campaign is not designed in that manner.

Here is a word on how you can prep up for DreamForce this year.

Define your Lead Funnel

The first step to set up an automated campaign is to define your lead funnel and set the goals accordingly.

What automated campaign expects of you is to set up an innovative set of tasks that will drive the leads further into the funnel.

One way of doing this is by defining what each stage of your funnel resembles. This will help you define your leads in terms of what more they require to purchase your product.

This can be done by identifying the mindset of your leads and then using it to convey the message of your campaign.

Remember, marketing automation works on a responsive audience.

You must make your message actionable, and provide automation triggers with sign-up or subscribe forms, Ringless Voicemail, sharing links through Rich Text message (SMS) for link tracking, and so on.

You can set up various automation trigger at each stage to define more clearly what your leads want.

Each of these actions must be designed keeping the definition of each stage, mentioned above, in mind.

This approach is ideal when the business is starting a new campaign to generate more leads.

Closing with Marketing Automation

It’s a pity when a campaign does everything right and manages to sell the product even, but then the management team forgets to register them in the exclude list

This affects the brand reputation, and don’t even get me started on lead nurturing.

With marketing automation, this mismanagement will not occur.

Here, once the lead has purchased the product, he/she will automatically be listed in the exclude list and will not be contacted again.

This provides a smooth experience to the leads turning customers, and they can be approached for up-selling and cross-selling based on their activity.

This will be much easier and has a high potential of going through, due to the experience they had earlier.

All of this is possible with marketing automation. No wonder Salesforce is bringing it to the market.

It is the right solution to a mismanaged campaign.

Upselling with Marketing Automation

With the repetitive tasks no more hindering the innovative human minds, they can focus more on defining an approach.

As mentioned above, the upselling will be much more efficient with marketing automation because of its defined automation triggers.

Now at this stage, your leads have become your customers, but their journey does not end there.

You need to keep the dialogue open.

Not too soon after they have made the purchase, the automation trigger can be set to re-assign a new upselling campaign from the exclude list.

Remember that not only is your goal to generate revenue, but to build a brand image.

Your customer’s behaviour will now define your next step.

What marketing automation provides is a personalized ad experience, and it must not be looked at just as a solution that saves time in campaign management.

Hence, this upselling will be categorized based on the purchase made, and their response towards the product.

An upselling campaign can be like a sequel to their earlier experience. And now you have a clear idea about their requirements as well.

Benefits of Salesforce Integrations

Now that you’re familiar with making your campaigns automation-friendly, now understand the role of Salesforce in this method.

While many CRM providers offer marketing automation, how has Salesforce stood out?

To start off, while most CRM providers require you to log into their apps to leverage their services, you can utilize the huge collection of apps simply by logging into Salesforce once and for all.

The is easy to operate since all your necessary tools are in one place.

It’s almost as if your team has an innate understanding of the controls.

This is because the Salesforce org has standardized set of controls that your team has been working on even otherwise.

Salesforce allows you to set up workflows to automatically nurture your leads.

Drive them deeper into the lead funnel while each step is being tracked and shown in the record detail page.

We’ve discussed a majority of benefits of Salesforce integration but here is the key aspect that makes Salesforce stand out among competitors.

Salesforce is open to all.

On Appexchange, Salesforce enables the Innovative startups to develop their own app that can help their business.

LeadsRain too has a native Salesforce app to help with marketing automation.

With machine learning being the buzzword yet again, let us just stay prepared for the best.

This year, in support of marketing automation, LeadsRain offers free unlimited drops on all of our services.

Sign up for a service, and experience benefits of multi-service campaigning on thousands of your leads.

Hope you enjoy Dreamforce 18, and for any queries about the offer, feel free to get in touch with our team on

Let the cross-channel targeting get your business the right results of marketing automation.