Telemarketing Script for Reverse Mortgage by LeadsRain


“Hello is ___ there?”

“This is AGENT, with Bank of Reverse.

I am following back up with you on the Reverse Mortgage Postcard that we sent

you in the past. Being that you are over the age of 62 we are offering a no

obligation reverse mortgage quote to you today. It’s completely free and

designed to help you know your options about a reverse mortgage and how

much disposable income you may qualify for.


I just need to confirm a few items to get you started today

[Start directly into the Pre-Qual application]

1. Please confirm your home address:

2. Please confirm your date of birth:

3. If you have a spouse please confirm their date of birth:

4. Please confirm the current balance of your home:

Ok great, the next step will be for me to get your information to my

underwriter to see if you qualify for a Reverse Mortgage, so stick by your

phone, I’ll be giving you a call back shortly.

For extra information on the Phone Script or how Leadsrain can help your Organization accelerate your success in Reverse Mortgage please click the Contact Us link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

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