Why does your Debt Collection Campaign need an Auto-dialer?

Autodialer for Debt collection Campaign

Consider this scenario: you have a bunch of 10000 debtors to contact in just two days to remind them to pay their bills. You’ve been allotted a team of 4-5 agents waiting to call these debtors. Which of the following do you believe would be faster and more likely to assist you in connecting with each debtor:

A dial-by-number system that needs you to dial each 10-digit number and wait for a response? Or An auto-dialer that dials numbers in the background and connects answered calls to the nearest available agent?

Naturally, the second one reduces a significant amount of waiting time, making your agents more efficient and allowing them to cover more land.

Automation is efficient, and there’s no denying that it helps with debt collection. But where do you even begin? Debt collection has always been a call-and-respond business, so if there’s anything you should start with, this is the best place to start.

Starting with the advantages, we will take a look at what a Cloud-based auto dialer can do for your Debt collection campaign and how to get started with it.

Let’s jump in

How can Auto-dialer be beneficial for the Debt Collection Campaign?

Customized Call Time for each Campaign

When you are making debt collection calls you have to be careful about TCPA compliance and according to that you have to be strict on-call timings. Instead of agent’s keep looking at the clock, give your dialer a time boundary with a Campaign call time out of which the dialer will not let them make calls.

Follow the Sun Dialing

It’s obvious that each lead your team is calling will not fall into the same timezone and your time must maintain the discipline to stay coordinated with the timezone. Manually this can be a headache to check the timezone of the lead every single time. But, a Cloud Auto dialer will take only those leads into consideration which lead falls into the timeframe of Call time set in the campaign. When the timezone matches the start time and end time, the dialer will start and stop the calling accordingly.

Team’s Productivity

Cloud Predictive dialer will predict whether the call connected is a human answered the call or a machine answered the call. It will dispose of the machine calls automatically and land the only human answered calls on agents, so they can only talk to the humans without wasting time on the answering machine. This ultimately takes the team’s productivity to a higher level.

Implementing Auto-dialer in cold calling can be the game changer for your Debt Collection Campaign.

Increased response with Local Caller IDs and Toll-Free Numbers

You can assign the local area code caller IDs and Toll-Free numbers to your campaign as campaign caller ID which brings local and authentic feeling when they receive the call and in return gives a better response ratio.

Improved Customer Service

With a Web-based dialer, your callers will have more resources, such as a debt collection calling script, debtor data and history, interaction history, and so on. These resources assist them in being more knowledgeable and direct in their relationships without being unorganized and nasty.

Detailed Analytics:

An autodialer will generate detailed results on your calling campaigns, including metrics such as the total number of calls made, calls answered, and an hourly breakdown of calls answered, among other things. You can use these reports to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

How to Get Started with Auto Dialer?

Identify the Autodialer that suits you best: Identify your team size, your budget, your work requirements and accordingly analyze the options available to you and choose the best suitable dialer for your campaign.

Gather the bunch of Leads:

Take the bunch of leads from the source you are working for and upload them on a Cloud-based Auto dialer to make calls on them one by one automatically.

Set up the Campaign properties:

Create a campaign and set up all the properties and conditions you need to apply to your debt collection calling campaign.

Craft your Script:

Create a well-crafted script for your agents which makes their conversation smooth and organized to draw a result-oriented conversation with leads.

Integrate the Desired CRM with Dialer:

Integrate the CRM if you have any, where you want to update the status after the call automatically.

Closing note

A debt collection campaign is not a regular calling campaign you can treat in general. You have to be very cautious while you plan and implement it and choosing the right tool and techniques are the key factor that decides your success story. To know more, how a Cloud Predictive Dialer can be your all-in-one solution connect with us at support@leadsrain.com or schedule an appointment with our team today and get started!



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