Voice Message Broadcasting


LeadsRain.com is an inspiration derived from the whole (LeadsRain) of
The electronic and mobile commerce in our daily lives.

We are a technology company delivering rapid growth of integrated business solutions and technology expertise worldwide. Our vision is to achieve global recognition for our solutions in telecommunications, e-commerce and mobile domains. We are highly customer focused in our approach and I believe in the value enhancement .

Fulfill your ecommerce needs with voice – enabled applications and incoming
outbound customer services , virtual assistants couple desks or yellow page
directories . Improving quality of service for customers of telephone interfaces
UM – interacting quickly and easily.

LeadsRain.com is an advanced automated solution that is best suited for small and
medium -sized enterprises . We help save your company significantly over time and
more than 30 to 70 % in cost compared to hiring in – agents live voice. Manage your IVR
menu tree if they are simple or complex with this custom Voice Message Broadcasting ( VMB ) application plug your questions and route according to customer responses.

We can offer full assistance from planning to execution or maintenance. If you have any specific requirement that the calling program can work to provide a combined solution that fits your needs.

LeadsRain.com EU can be used for commercial purposes and that address
Promotions , productivity or profitability. You can use our delivery system
any of the following:

– Reminder Paid Services
– Appointment Reminder Services
– Enable Credit Card
– Automated Virtual Desktop Wizard
– Third Phone Verification
– Client Surveys and Polls
– Product Promotion
– Sweepstakes and Contests
– Severe weather warnings
– Fundraising Projects
– Political advertising

LeadsRain.com Voice Broadcasting Features
– Based on the conduct of open source Asterisk PBX
– Emails notification call report
– Detects Answering machine answers
– Throttle concurrent calls
– You can retry the numbers do not back online in time
– Option to connect the user to some other number IVR / phone press
– Various reports based on web for detailed call information and ongoing calls in real time
– Ability to multiple IVR scripts
– Can be managed through a Web interface
– Compatible with Trixbox and FreePBX
– Allows you to import contact data from a csv file.

You may find this helpful if you belong to any of the following industry
vertical :

– Automotive companies
– Banks
– Call Centers
– Customer Support Agencies
– Providers of consumer products
– Governments City / State
– Education Institutes
– Entertainment Business
– Practitioners Healthcare / Medicine
– Business Marketing
– Retail Stores
– Political Activists
– Suppliers of Security and Emergency Service
– Telephone Companies
– Travel and Lodging Companies
– Transportation services

For more information about how Voice Broadcasting, hosted predictive dialer, call center management software, auto dialer, Hosted IVR, Cloud based Auto Dialer and IVR software may work for your small business visit the LeadsRain.com.