Escalate Your Business Outreach with Automated Voice Broadcasting

Escalate Your Business Outreach with Automated Voice Broadcasting

Is your company still on the fence about using voice broadcasting as a means of reaching out and connecting with customers? Are you worried that using this type of technology might damage the “personal touch” you want to use with communications? You will find that a lot of people today prefer optimized phone systems and voicemails when communicating with companies.

What Is Automated Voice Broadcasting?

Simply put, this technology allows companies to deliver messages using automated voice calls. These are typically prerecorded messages or text-to-speech messages that can be sent to a large number of customers quickly. They can work well for a range of purposes, too.

  • Appointment Reminders/Updates
  • Time-Sensitive Notifications
  • Holiday Hour Information
  • Closures
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Promotions and Deals

These are just some of the ways you could start using automated voice broadcasting to aid in your business outreach.

What Types of Business Could Benefit from Automated Voice Broadcasting?

Nearly any business could use the advantages that automated voice broadcasting offers. Industries already using this technology include healthcare, finance, hospitality, and retail. Businesses that have marketing messages they want to get out promptly can benefit, as well.

1. Political Campaigns

Political campaigns can use automated voice broadcasting to deliver a candidate’s message to a large number of voters in a short amount of time. This technology allows political campaigns to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact during an election.

2. Telemarketing

Telemarketing businesses can use automated voice broadcasting to deliver pre-recorded sales pitches to potential customers. This technology can save telemarketers time and money by allowing them to reach a large number of people at once rather than calling them individually.

3. Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can use automated voice broadcasting to remind patients of upcoming appointments, deliver important health-related information, and to provide updates about medication and treatment plans. This technology can help healthcare providers to manage their patient relationships better and improve patient outcomes.

4. Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, can use automated voice broadcasting to notify customers of important account information, such as balances, due dates, and fraud alerts. This technology can help financial institutions to maintain strong relationships with their customers and ensure that they are informed about important account details.

5. Retailers

Retailers can use automated voice broadcasting to promote sales and special offers to a large number of customers. This technology can help retailers to increase their sales and improve their customer engagement by delivering personalized messages to their customers.

6. Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations can use automated voice broadcasting to spread awareness about a cause or to encourage people to donate to a specific charity. This technology can help non-profit organizations to reach a wider audience and inspire people to take action for a good cause.

7. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, such as schools and universities, can use automated voice broadcasting to communicate with parents and students about important school-related information, such as upcoming events, schedule changes, and emergency notifications. Voice broadcasting can help educational institutions to improve their communication with their stakeholders and ensure that they are informed about important updates.

How is Automated Voice Broadcasting Beneficial for Businesses?

Benefit #1: Improve the Customer Experience

The success of any business is customer satisfaction. Naturally, you want to ensure that all customer interactions are as smooth as possible. This is true for retail store customers, patients at a dentist’s office, B2B clients, and more.

AVB systems allow you to create a host of messages that can be set up to ensure your customers are always well-informed when dealing with your company. The outreach is made much easier on your part, and customers appreciate that you are taking the time to get in touch.

Benefit #2: Reach More People Faster and Easier

If you are using the system to reach out to customers to let them know about special deals your company is running, automated voice broadcasting is ideal, especially when it is coupled with email marketing. Instead of contacting each customer individually, you can use the system to send out messaging to hundreds or thousands of people at once. The systems are quick to launch since they integrate and are set up easily.

Benefit #3: Reduce No Shows and Cancellations

Consider how long it would take to contact people without a system like this in place. If you operate a clinic, how many hours per week do staff members spend calling patients to remind them of appointments or fielding calls to help them cancel an appointment? Imagine how much faster and easier it can be with an automated voice broadcasting system in place.

These voice systems can be set up to contact people a day or two before their appointment and allow them to confirm over the phone without talking to anyone. It can also be set up to allow them to cancel their appointment if needed. This helps to reduce a substantial amount of work, so your employees can spend time on other aspects of their job.

Benefit #4: Save Money

Have you been paying for live call center services?

If you have, then you know just how expensive this can be. When those call center operatives aren’t actual employees of your company, there is also a chance that they could misspeak, which could reflect poorly on your business.

Automated voice broadcasting reduces the need for in-house or virtual employees to handle phone outreach. One person or a small team could create and manage the messages needed with these systems. This can help you to save thousands of dollars over a year.

Benefit #5: The Messages Sound Like Your Company

With prerecorded messages, you can set the style and tone of your message to match your company values and branding. They will match your company culture and give recipients a good idea of who you are and what you are about. This reduces the risk associated with call center scripts or actual conversations with your employees that may miss the mark.

Benefit #6: Get Feedback

How well do you know your market? Using automated voice broadcasting for polls or surveys could provide you with more knowledge about what your customers and clients truly want from your company. This can help you with product development, marketing, customer services, etc.

Benefit #7: It Can Be Made Personal

Some people worry about voice broadcasting because they feel it will only provide computerized voices and will feel impersonal to call recipients. That’s not the case, though.

With a good system, you can easily provide a personal touch with the messages so they are appealing to your customers and clients. You may have one message for people who are already customers and another for leads, for example. This allows for precise, segmented marketing and more effective outreach.

The quality of the messages can make people feel as though you are talking with them on the other end of the phone. You can also maintain your call lists and change messages whenever needed.

What to Consider When Choosing Automated Voice Broadcasting?

When choosing a system for AVB,

  • You first need to consider how your company will be using it.
  • Check to see what sorts of features and options are available
  • Make sure they will work with the sort of outreach your business requires.
  • You will need to vet the company offering the software.
  • Get a better sense of who they are, what they offer, and whether they have a good reputation in the field.

Above all, While you may think that price is the most important factor, it’s not. Instead, you need to focus on quality and how well the Automated Voice Broadcasting software matches your needs.

The Sooner You Start, the Better

More and more companies are using automated voice broadcasting, including your competition. If you want to improve your outreach and make sure your customers, patients, or clients stay satisfied, connect with our experts today or write us at and get started with your Automated Voice Broadcast Campaigns.