Voice Broadcasting for Educational Institutes – Keep Parents Engaged and Updated with Alerts and Announcement

Voice-Broadcast-for Educational Institutes

Several studies reveal that parent engagement influences a child’s learning abilities, wellbeing, and overall academic performance.

The rapid advancement of technology has a significant impact on the lives of parents and teachers. Most importantly, it has transformed the way parents, teachers, and school administrations communicate. New technologies have improved the flexibility of timings, giving students an ample chance to contact teachers as per convenience.

Voice broadcasting is an innovative technology that helps maximize schools’ outreach. You can contact parents, students, and teachers and send alerts when needed.

Here, we discuss how voice broadcasting helps schools keep parents engaged and updated

An Overview of Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting can connect parents, students, teachers, and staff members on a large scale. It is mass communication tech that sends out telephonic messages to thousands of recipients simultaneously.

Voice broadcasting lets you send pre-recorded, automated messages via a centralized phone number. Thus, voice alerts and broadcasting are popular forms of marketing and engagement.

Types of School Communications and Key Communication Channels

The ‘how’ and ‘when ‘to share school information have significantly evolved in the recent past. However, the kind of information that the school must share remains unchanged.

Typically, school information falls into the following categories:

  • Promotion of school happenings and news like events, achievements, etc.
  • Time-critical school information like new policies, school closings, and more
  • PTO events
  • Leadership and education improvement
  • School levy and community outreach
  • Human interest content, such as stories of the alumni, photos, and videos of daily school activities

To distribute this information, schools utilize an array of different communication channels, including:

  • District and school website
  • Mobile app
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Video

What Types of Schools Benefit from Voice Broadcasting?

Parents, teachers, and students alike have demanding everyday schedules, making it impossible for school administrators to stay in touch. Voice broadcasting works well for preschoolers, primary and secondary students, and even university students.

Different school types can customize the service to meet their needs best.

1. Pre-K schools

Private Pre-K schools can use voice alerts to notify parents of upcoming school activities and events. Parents can also be updated about In and out of small students to stay relaxed about their safety.

Teachers can send voice broadcasts to update parents on home assignments in elementary schools. They can also share academic progress and behavioral issues with parents for active engagement.

2. High schools

High schools can use this modern technology to communicate the latest school events, school closings, PTA’s, and more. Teachers also have the option of dividing their accounts into specific classrooms. This way, teachers can send messages to a particular group of parents.

3. Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are perfect for voice alerts and broadcasting due to their expansive size. Administrators can run their campus like a small city with the added responsibility of keeping parents in the loop. They can use a voice broadcasting system to send admissions, scholarships, and career counseling alerts.

Ways to Manage Voice Broadcasting System in Your Educational Institutes

Often schools hesitate from adopting voice broadcasting in fear of having something new to manage. Luckily, voice alert and broadcasting software will only reduce your responsibilities. Here’s how:

  • No Cumbersome Installation

LeadsRain’s Voice broadcasting eliminates the need for complicated downloads and complex hardware additions. We completely provide cloud-based solutions that can be used with the computer system and an active internet connection from anywhere in the world.

  • Upload a Large Database to reach

At LeadsRain, we allow you to add as many contacts as you need with just a simple CSV file upload in the system. Not just this, but you can separate contacts in a particular group by creating multiple contact lists and can attach them to a single campaign or separate campaigns for each list to reach parents of respective schooling standards.

  • Integrates with Your CRM

With LeadsRain, you can also integrate your CRM if you are using any to manage the student’s database and directly upload the leads from your CRM and update the status again in your CRM with bi-directional Integration.

  • Anyone Can Use It

Once you set up your voice broadcasting system, you can give teachers, and other staff members access to it. In turn, teachers can create groups of contacts based on class or grade and send alerts whenever necessary.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting for Educational Institutes

In this section, let’s discuss the benefits of voice broadcasting for Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Run Marketing Campaigns

Voice broadcasting helps you run important admission campaigns at the start of the academic year. The revolutionary marketing tool helps you effectively market your institute and even track responses.

Besides, voice broadcasting allows you to garner customer responses. As a school admin, you can collect parents’ feedback on school performance with IVR setups. In this way, you can identify how many people are interested in your school.

Communicate with Parents

Voice broadcasting is one of the easiest and effective methods for connecting with parents with emergency alerts and announcements. The platform allows teachers to communicate with the parents.

It promotes direct communication between teachers and parents. Teachers can notify parents about school activities, students’ performance, and other goodwill messages.

Broadcast Notice and Announcements

In today’s digital world, Notices and Announcements are rarely published in newspapers or on school notice boards. Voice broadcasting simplifies announcing them by allowing teachers to air them on Parents’ phone numbers.

What is the Cost of Broadcasting for School?

Your budget for voice broadcasting mainly depends on the school’s size and your specific needs but it can be between 2 cents/min to 1.25 cents/min. This unique solution for school communications makes what you’re currently using obsolete.

For instance, you won’t need to recruit extra employees to contact parents or install phone trees during PTA’s. Instead, you can run everything through your voice broadcasting software.

All in all, voice broadcasting simplifies school communication within one step. It paves the path for effective communication and an efficient learning environment.

The Bottom Line

Voice broadcasting systems are valuable tools for improving student and parents outreach. In addition, they help improve relationships between teachers and parents.

Educational institutes can improve communication with all their stakeholders due to voice broadcasting. Invest in voice broadcasting tech to enjoy its many perks and enhance your institute’s functioning. To know more about Voice Broadcasting service and how it can be helpful to educational institutions, connect with experts on support@leadsrain.com or schedule a demo right now.