Voice Broadcasting: What Happened When a Real Estate Agency tried Their Hand

What Happened When a Real Estate Agency Tried Their Hand with Voice Broadcasting


Taking Voice broadcasting system to the real estate world is this agency who is looking to bring some change in the way marketing happens there. Having a good 20 properties in a locality, adhering to the residential real estate, the agency had been looking for a unique way of conveying the message across to the people.

We are taking the Voice Broadcasting service here over Ringless Voicemail although both equally fit in this industry.

This is mostly due to the fact that a Ringless Voicemail Drops are compatible on cell phone numbers only. A Voice Broadcasting campaign runs across the networks, capturing audiences using both cell phones and landlines.

See how this service best fits the real estate industry, used in a press 1 campaign.

Voice Broadcasting with Press 1 Campaign

Voice Broadcasting with Press 1 Campaign


A voice broadcasting campaign can be run in two ways. One involves the campaign transmitting a pre-recorded message to the recipients’ phones. This is often used for alerts and notifications to existing customers.

This method will make calls to multiple numbers and send a quick message once the call is received, or drop a voicemail if the answering machine is reached. Since this works on both landlines and cell phones, a large number of audience is reached.

The other method is through a press 1 campaign where you can allow the recipient to take actions based on their queries. In this scenario, the message calls for prompt actions that can be achieved by pressing specific numbers for the specific actions.

Since a press 1 campaign drives engagement, it is used to connect with sales agents immediately to make purchases or for answering additional queries that the leads might have, for a little final push in sales. There are other ways to use this service too, and it depends on the client’s message. But largely, it is a way to connect the leads to a representative instantly.

How Voice Broadcasting fits in Residential Real Estate

The story begins when a real estate agent had a property at hand, and needed to get their word out to their potential clients. They picked the voice broadcasting service with a press-1 campaign option to achieve their goal.

The benefits of voice broadcasting when it comes to targeting families, using geolocal filtering is that the message is often transmitted on numbers within the households and the family that is considering a purchase has a higher chance of getting your message.

Moreover, the agency was also able to target the landline numbers, which would again, result in a higher chance for the message being heard. This makes the service quite advantageous in a residential real estate business.

Running a Voice Broadcasting Campaign for Real Estate Leads

The agency leveraged this to their advantage. Using some tips about crafting an effective voice broadcasting message, they reached out to the leads in and around the city.

In their message, they ensured that they identify the audience and provide the necessary information to lure them deeper into the lead funnel. The press 1 campaign allows the leads to engaging with the message if they are interested in the offer. In this manner, they not only get to be aware but also take action towards making a purchase.

Running a Voice Broadcasting Campaign for Real Estate Leads


This campaign was undoubtedly a success because not only did it manage to reach more than one member of a household, but the broadcasted message on the phone or landline assured a cross-network presence of the agency.

Here is an explanation. Real estate leads are primarily from online sources. Which means that they have shown interest in purchasing a property on the internet. When they register their interest, the become potential buyers to the agencies.

When delivering a voice broadcast, followed by a set of actions to the message, the leads have a wholesome experience of lead nurturing, from an online source to a telephonic conversation to further advances in purchasing a property. This unearthed yet another benefit of the press 1 campaign in the residential real estate industry.

To Sum Up
The choice of service is pivotal in any campaign because each service has its individual properties that a campaign can be put to a certain use. In the above-mentioned scenario, voice broadcasting service fit the criteria of the agency’s campaign of looking to sell the properties in the area. Had the campaign been looking to spread attention awareness of an upcoming property, or about investment opportunities, perhaps the choice of service could be different.

The agency was able to reap the benefits from the campaign because before picking the service, they analysed the trajectory of their leads and envisioned a convincing method of closing them. This comes from a thorough understanding of the market attributes.

However, using a voice broadcast alone on every campaign with this agenda is not the answer here. It is the message that you convey, keeping the target audience in mind, and necessarily the vision that you imagine and convey to your potential buyers that does the trick. The choice of service will then execute the delivery of this vision.

Are you ready to pick the service for your campaign yet? If not, you can definitely contact our support team at support@leadsrain.com and they will guide you through the entire campaign model with their combined experience of over 20 years.