Tips for a successful Voice Broadcasting campaign

Voice Broadcast

In today’s sales industry, lead generation is challenging if you don’t have a successful strategy in place. Among all the available sales tool, Voice Broadcasting is considered as one of the best methods for lead generation as well as to improve customer experience and foster a long-term relationship

Voice Broadcasting is now used for almost everything, to name a few – appointment reminders, delivery delay notices and policy changes. Customers always welcome receiving crucial information through voice broadcasts.

It involves a recorded human voice and hence makes the delivery of message natural. It is cost-effective and time-saving too because you can reach out to thousands of people in a few second. How about that?

Despite such compelling benefits, some businesses complain of a low success rate from their Voice Broadcasting Campaigns. Why is it so? Do you have the same problem?

The success of a Voice Broadcasting campaign depends on a number of factors. I will mention some of the best tips to create an effective Voice Broadcasting campaign that can maximize lead generation for your business.

1.Work on the basics

Prepare a roadmap, consider what type of business you have and what are the goals you wish to achieve from the campaign. Design the campaign according to the goals you have set. Decide the amount of money you want to spend and the broadcasting tool that you will use.

2.Define your target audience

Once you set goals for the campaign, decide who is your target audience. Always remember, your aim for creating this campaign is to connect with people who have a high possibility of being interested in your products or services. Selection of your target audience will help you in creating personalized voice message for converting interested people into loyal customers.

3.Create short and personalized voice message

Your voice message should not be more than 30 seconds. Start off by the introduction of your brand to establish the credibility of your message. Be clear while giving information about your products or services in the next line to keep the listener from losing interest and hanging up. Make sure the message sounds interactive and not a sales pitch. It should generate interest so that the listeners start asking questions regarding your deals. You can always include some attractive offers in the message to capture interest and get your leads hooked on with your brand.

4.Make your message actionable

To foster engagement, it is important to instruct the recipients to take action after the message is delivered.

For example, Press-1 to get a free demo or Press-9 to talk to the sales executive directly.

This approach motivates the people to act. Recipients who respond to the message will get more detailed information about your products or services through this action. It is a great way to keep your recipients engaged and more and more leads.

Pro Tip: Getting a response is the key to a successful lead generation. Thus, keep the Call To Action simple to understand. Try and make it as easy as possible for your target audience to act.

5.Focus on quality of voice and recording

Ensure that the message you are recording is crystal clear, strong, friendly and comforting to the ear. Your tone should be positive, inviting and polite. The recording should be of good sound quality and without long pauses. Alternatively, you can even hire an experienced voice talent to record your message. This will help you ensure that your message is powerfully said and well received.

6.Provide an option to opt-out

Give your recipients the opportunity to unsubscribe from future calls. This will save you a lot of time and resources on sending messages to the people who are not interested in your offers and you can focus more on the right prospects and leads for your campaigns.

7.Time your campaign carefully

Your message must be delivered in a certain way to make the desired impact. Choose your delivery hour carefully. Try and avoid making early-morning and late night calls as then your message will be nothing more than a nuisance, no matter how well it is constructed. You can deliver your message from 6:30 to 8:30 PM for live answers and win new customers successfully.

Gone are the days when Voice Broadcasting was considered unsolicited messages. Spam doesn’t work now. That’s why you need to have proper road-map while designing your voice broadcast campaign. If you follow all the rules mentioned above, I assure you that you will be in an advantageous position to make your Voice Broadcasting campaign stand out from the crowd and gain the expected ROI out of it.

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