How to Leverage Text Messaging for your Network Marketing Business

Text Messaging For Your Network Marketing Business

Building your team, grabbing the right attention, and solid communication are the three strong pillars of Network Marketing. How do you go about generating leads that convert? How to ensure that you are heard. Not just by your leads but also by your team down the line. If you are here reading this. It is very likely that you see the potential of Rich Text Messaging.
Having an idea of why Rich Text Messaging frees you to pursue how. How is where the results lie. We have compiled ways you can leverage bulk text messaging for your networking business.

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How to use Rich Text Messaging for new Network Marketing Leads

We can not stress enough the versatility of Text messaging, your creativity and marketing acumen is the limit while using a bulk SMS service.

Distribute Your Credentials or send business cards

Kill two birds with a single stone, having a digital business card is the way to go. Setting up an autoresponder that responds with all your details including email, websites and contact number is a great way to distribute your credentials without being Pushy Salesperson. It also has an added benefit of leads willingly providing you their contact details.

Generating Opt-In leads

Incorporating an inbound messaging service in your other outreach channels allows you to generate qualified leads. A simple act of adding a keyword prompted text option on your flier or email can boost your lead generation up by 15-20%.

Send open-ended hooks (ice breakers)

Rich Text Messaging can be a great way to send ice-breakers for your new leads. High open rates ensure that you are heard and good open-ended hooks ensure that leads are hooked to hear more from you.

Send Invites

RTM easily allows you to send invites of your presentation simultaneously to multiple leads (at maximum capacity you can send to hundreds of leads at the same time) with a single click. Moreover, with Rich Text Message, you can even send geo-location to your seminar or meeting.

Send Reminders

Quick SMS is a great way to send timely reminders without coming on too strong. A good RTM platform even comes equipped with a scheduling feature that allows you to pre-configure your reminder way before the event. You can now finally say goodbye to the last-minute frantic reminders.

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Get Quick Confirmations

Getting confirmations is a daunting task akin to walking on eggshells. Push too much and you come out as needy, push too little and the lead may lose interest. RTM offers a balanced alternative that allows you to get quick confirmation and also get the ball rolling. These micro-commitments set the stage for larger commitments.

Send Resources

Rich Text Messages offers you the ability to send rich multimedia. You can now send everything from audio video and images to links and geolocation in a text message. RTM offers a truly sophisticated and dynamic reach to all the mobile devices old and new.

How To Use Rich Text Message For Your Multi-Level Marketing

If your network marketing business works in a hierarchical or through a tier or cadre system, staying in touch and effective communication is the key. This simple act can make or break your efforts. Rich Text Message offers you a very cost-effective and novice-friendly way to strengthen your communications.

Below are a few areas we believe RTM lends itself best to.

Send Instructions

Staying in touch is important. Now you can keep in touch with all your distributors even when there is no internet connection. With bulk text messaging you can gear up all your teams with a click. You can even set a drip campaign for new joiners that walks them through an automated induction by sending pre-defined text messages. Moreover, a strong one-way channel ensures that none of your important instructions are lost in the hoard of internet messages.

Send research pointers and resource

Another good use of this channel is to send pointers and nudges to all your distributors to help them do their own research. Educating at the induction stage in ways of grooming, market research, presentations, sales, and soft skills are a must while building teams. You would be hard-pressed to find a resource distribution channel that matches the simplicity of RTM and caters not just to the tech-savvy user base but also those not well versed with technology.

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Use as a stepping stone for moving them to more complex channels

Calling may be a bit much for new distributors as an outreach channel. Text messaging offers an easy and less drastic option. Guiding your troops through a few text messaging lead generation campaigns is enough to educate them. In doing so you also give them a channel that serves as a versatile tool throughout their career.

Easy alerts for incentives

The high reward and goal-driven environment of business need to be nurtured with a softer hand. Sending regular alerts on the perks and rewards keeps for rainmakers motivated. It also instills a friendly rivalry and spices up the sales.

Establishing Helpline

Text Messaging offers you a no-nonsense channel for all your internal communications. Having a goto helpline empowers your down the line colleagues. Be the source of information rather than allowing your team to wing it every time they come upon a problem they can’t solve.

LeadsRain Pro Tip – Sending motivational quotes every now and then creates a steady camaraderie between the team.

Final Words

Rich Text Messaging is a highly versatile tool that is capable of helping you achieve almost every goal you may set upon yourself. Going as low as 1.3 cents per message with a guaranteed open rate of at least 93% seals the deal. But don’t take our word on it. Sign up for our free trial and try it for yourself. The first 100 messages are on us.