Top 3 Reasons to adopt Text Messaging for your Roofing Business

Rich Text Message- Smart way to Grow your Cold Roofing Leads

The roofing industry is innovating at breakneck speed compared to the past decade, partly due to new tech but majorly due to changing customer preferences. Our communications channels need to be modified to align with these changing preferences.

What is Rich Text Messaging?

Rich Text Messaging is the same tried and trusted Bulk Messaging services with added features that allow you to send images, videos, QR-codes, geolocation, and hyperlinks to your leads through SMS service.

Business messages offer amazingly broad reach across all demographics. Moreover, a text message campaign can be used to generate leads, and nurture leads at a drastically reduced cost.

Text messages are quickly becoming the right fit for today’s business communication due to its two most important features: Promptness and Permanence.

Text Message offers the ability to answer the queries instantly in today’s attention driven economy. Even when your human agents are not online, you have a dedicated agent in place interacting with your clients.

Also, text messages get stored by default, unlike call audio. I know it’s not a game-changing revelation but it can be a game-changer for the roofing industry. Your lead may not need your services today but may need it in the future. A text message here would act just like a Business Card in your lead’s mobile device. Business emails the only channel that provides permanence like this have open rates 2-3%, so it kind of rules out.

Business Text Message VS Cold Calls: Customer’s Judgement.

This is where most marketers get it wrong. Customers don’t prefer you to use one communication channel over others but instead use a channel that fits then.

Hence, in our experience, it should be Business Text Message and Cold Calls, utilize both the channel in areas they excel.

One such example is lead nurturing. Warming a lead by sending a text message increase the chances of conversion by as much as 42%

Augmentation by Text Messaging instead of migration to Text messaging is the next step to improve your sales funnel.

Four reasons Text Messaging must be adopted if you are into Roofing Industry.

1. 24×7 Availability

Increase your conversion rates by setting up an autoresponder that allows you to send a custom text message at each trigger. For example, you can directly send the quotation/contact details/welcome message based on the form filled by the prospect.

2. Updates

Send all the crucial reminders, progress, and notices directly, at a channel you know it will be opened. Rich Text Messages boast an almost 100% open rate.

3. Appointments

Improve your agents’ productivity by resending appointment details to reduce no shows. Confirm or reschedule your appointment directly through a text.

4. Quotes and Estimates

A text message can be used to send a copy of quotations or estimates, directly into your lead’s phone. Irrespective of how (on the web or physically) the quote was calculated, sending the final copy to leads mobile device keeps all the details handy when it’s time to act on it.

Is directly sending a Text message to customers is the right fit for your Roofing Campaign?

Rich Text messaging can be used by almost every business out there. Still, there are cases where it is highly recommended and must be used by marketers world over.

Here are a few of them.

Case 1 – You have a high volume of leads.

High volume always means more customers, but it also means more time taken to call through all the leads on the list. With bulk Rich Text Message, you can engage hundreds of leads with few clicks, that leads us to our next case.

Case 2 – You cold call your prospects.

On average, a good chunk of your leads do not want to be disturbed and would instead want you not to call them. Warming your leads with a rich text message gives you a way around this problem. A prompt to the user confirming their interest allows you to blaze through your leads and separate chaff from the grain.

Case 3 – You have interactions with the same lead over a prolonged period.

Text messages are a great way to nurture leads through the sales funnel and one of the most accessible channels that make repeated touch with your leads possible.

Case 4 – Area Wide Scattershot.

This is especially useful for real estate and roofing businesses where you target all the customers in a specific area.

Case 5 – Need to send Feeler Message.

Using text messages to send feelers in your target area can be a very cost-effective method to gauge the interest of your clients in your campaign or products.

Case 6 – You work in a quick draw environment.

A real-life example would be post-hurricane or post-disaster sales in a roofing business. If you don’t grab a client fast, your competitor will. A text message is a tool that can be easily deployed by a single person.

When Text Messaging may not work for your Roofing Business?

Not to be a sceptic, but like every tool, Text Message, also when used incorrectly, can do more harm than good. Here are a few cases when it may not work out for you.

1. When you be a pest.

2. When your leads are not opt-in.

3. When you are not communicating right.

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