Telemarketing and Voice Broadcasting


“Do not call us, we call it,” is a saying that you would tell others that you like to hear, because it will never hear anything from this person again … There are times when you crave a call was, until you understand that it is a telemarketer, it was not where you were waiting. It starts with a friendly voice on the other side, always wanting to sell something.

However, if this person is “just” a virtual voice – just a voice recorded message – there is a chance you want to stay on the line. These are some of the advantages of voice transmission used in telemarketing.

A. The message is strictly business. If the message is attractive, and that is the case if the first sentence you hear a profit, so people will listen to him.

Dos. The message is not only pure business but (and therefore) not also emotionally biased. There is less “noise” on the line that comes from a common telemarketing agent who want to connect with you. It is purely about the message and you do not have to be “afraid” to hang.

Three. Increased efficiency for both the telemarketing team and prospects for the caller. If in the past people have decided to hang up, it will save both the company and the time perspective.
At first this does not seem ethical, but once people get used to a robo-calls, can decide quickly what to do with it.

In line with the previous point, the road is much cheaper to use, they can more easily distribute higher volumes, but the risk is that the conversion rate is lower too.

Much depends on the initial sentence and the overall message. For some products, this method might work.

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