Supersize Your Holiday Offers and Events with Ringless Voicemail

Holiday Offers and Events with Ringless Voicemail

When you have exciting holiday offers and events coming ahead, choosing an effective and affordable marketing technique can boost your sales. However, reaching out to your customers personally can be challenging and less productive. Also, when you want more ROI, costly phone calls can be time-consuming. The sales team handles many calls every day, but the most positive impact couldn’t reach the person at the other end. You need a better solution to inform potential customers about holiday offers and promotions.

Ringless voicemails are an effective and budget-friendly option that helps businesses send pre-recorded messages to their target audiences’ voicemail. Furthermore, customers can hear your offers without picking up the phone. Ringless scales your outreach and drastically boosts your sales. With direct-to-voicemail messages, sales teams can focus on collecting qualified leads rather than dialing individual customers.

What are Ringless Voicemails?

Direct-to-voicemail messages help sales teams send pre-recorded messages to their customers without getting them to pick up the phone. With this marketing tool, sales teams can record holiday events and promotions, which directly end up in customers’ voice boxes. Many people refer to ringless voicemail as voicemail broadcast, ringless voicemail drops, or direct-to-voicemail messages.

This marketing strategy increases your customer volume while keeping your costs low. Ringless voicemail prevents marketing teams from dialing individual numbers to share their promotions through one-on-one call sessions. Instead, they can send thousands of voice messages at once without wasting any time. What’s more, you can automate and schedule your campaign and send batches of voicemail to potential customers.

Benefits of Ringless Voicemail to Promote Holiday Sale

Some benefits of a voice broadcasting marketing campaign include:

1. Warm up a sluggish list – Convert Cold lead list into Warm leads

Finding a way to fill the funnel with fresh prospects who are actively looking for Holiday specials is one of the most difficult difficulties that holiday marketers face. While some web providers provide new lead lists, these lists are cold and require a significant amount of time and effort to warm into effective leads.

One of the most popular methods for warming up a cold lead list is to use ringless voicemail. It’s straightforward and successful to turn these cold leads into a pipeline of warm leads by using a well-targeted list, a planned voicemail message with an unavoidable holiday package deal and offer, and a clear call to action.

2. Supplement Existing Marketing Efforts – Holds the back of other Marketing Campaigns

Another popular approach to use ringless voicemail to boost your holiday marketing is to combine it with existing campaigns. It can be used to follow up on a piece of direct mail, a marketing email, or a special promotion, for example. Make sure to include a clear call to action, such as scheduling a consultation call to discuss the itinerary or amenities included in the holiday packages, assisting in the separation of the location and premise based on the desired vacation plan, and so on.

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3. Enhance the customer experience – Allows customers to share positive brand reviews

Customer service isn’t typically considered marketing, but it’s a vital component of your brand’s image and client retention. It’s also a good approach to get those all-important web reviews. You can use ringless voicemail to follow up on existing bookings or ongoing vacation plan discussions, follow up or alerts during the holidays or as the holidays approach, or to ask satisfied customers to take a minute to review your service online so that other prospects can get a sense of your brand and level of satisfaction.

4. Make money by selling add-on services – Keep selling the deals to customers during ongoing vacations

While most people think of ringless voicemail marketing as a technique to reach out to new prospects, it may also be used to sell to existing customers. Sending updates and other activities and amenities you can provide to your consumers on the ongoing holiday, and selling them add-on services on their existing holiday with ringless voicemail may amp up your current client marketing. You can also offer “tailored recommendations” to nearby itineraries for package upgrades, add-ons, or holiday extensions.

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5. Strengthening Existing Relationships – Journey from Customers to Clients

Ringless voicemail marketing can also be used to improve your existing contacts’ relationships. Reach your existing customers or past customers who have booked holidays with you in the past, by sending birthday pleasantries, holiday greetings, and periodic “just checking in” notes and move them one step forward in your customer life cycle – from first-time customers to Brand loyal Clients.


A ringless voicemail technology has numerous benefits for the sales team as they can share their promotional holiday campaign without disturbing their potential customers. With this technology, teams can evaluate the progress of their campaign and improve productivity, results, and overall strategy. This marketing technique also shares insights that help teams improve their products and make the right decisions. To know more about how ringless voicemail can amp up your holiday marketing campaigns, connect with our experts today at and get ready to rock this holiday season!