Close Your Vacation Industry Lead with Ringless Voicemail Drop


Warm up your throats for this holiday season because you’ll need your voice. The cell-phone based marketing is on the rise this season, and yet nobody wants to hear their phone ring.

Now that’s a vicious loop. But we know how to get out of it. All it takes is a simple twist. LeadsRain here addressed this problem with one solution – Ringless Voicemail.

But what makes the ringless voicemail drops the apt choice for your Umbrella approach in the vacation industry?

Let us first see why the voicemail drops are better than a text message, particularly in this season.

It has been observed that some text messages go ignored against phone calls. By ignore, I mean that verbal messages are acted upon more readily than text messages.

With the verbal communication having the upper hand in connecting with the leads, let us talk some numbers to see the potential of oral communication in the vacation industry.

Our analysts have studied the patterns and say that from the phone calls that were observed, a staggering 77% are from the vacation industry. This clearly states the high traffic of this industry during the holiday season.

Call Made During Holiday Season Leadsrain

Although with 77% of the majority, the industry manages to close only 2-3% of the leads, not because the leads are not interested in going further, but because the follow-ups are not carried out correctly.

Another statistics show that, of the 77%, nearly 82% are filtered out due to a deficient mode of initial communication.

Timeshare and Leas Composition

To sum up, it looks somewhat like this. Out of every 100 calls made, 77 are from the vacation industry. And from these 77 calls, 63 leads are dropped due to poor addressability. Of the remaining 14 leads, only 2 are closed.

This shows that a lot can happen during the first conversation with the leads.

The ringless voicemail is hence, a straightforward solution to the paradox of verbal communication without a ring. The voicemail drops are the best option in this atmosphere.

The Ringless Ice-breaker. Exactly What The Industry Needs

The icebreaker itself can be pivotal in this industry.

During this time, the text message marketing is redundant, and voice broadcasting will not necessarily offer those benefits that a ringless voicemail does.

Using the ringless route to communicate your message, you will be able to enhance your ice-breakers drastically.

On studying the market over the years, LeadsRain’s representatives have unearthed that the ringless voicemail fits here better than any other services because it allows the leads to contemplating on the message before getting in touch with the representatives.

For instance, a travel agent can use the ringless voicemail service once he has acquired leads through his lead generation campaign. The purchased leads can be placed in the CRM so a ringless voicemail can be sent to them with a particular, pre-recorded message.

Here, you can target leads based on the package that they have shown interest towards, giving you a higher chance of closing the deal and turning the lead into a loyal customer.

The ringless voicemail service has a high delivery rate of 90%, which also means that you are making those many of your leads contemplate over your message and prompt them to take action towards the same.

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Experience A Rise In Your Call-back Ratio

Ringless voicemail itself isn’t enough to close, because, at the end of the day, the lead needs a human on the other end to have a meaningful interaction. A voicemail drop works best with a call-back option.

Here the campaign can be embedded with our cloud-based auto dialer solutions to connect the leads coming from the voicemail drops to the agents.

The voicemail drop must clearly state that for further information they must call the number. Following this, when the call is made, the caller will be connected to one of the agents where they will get more information regarding the holiday package.

Our team of analysts has observed that the agencies opt the dialer solution directly, without filtering the cold leads from hot leads.

This could also raise problems because you haven’t scouted your leads enough to be confident about closing them. Hence, compromises on the personalized message that could prove to be a turning point for the campaign.

This is where the ringless voicemail proves fruitful in taking the conversation further and helping the campaign categorize the leads who might not be interested in the packages immediately.

With one step, your agency can save up on the wasteful investment in customer acquisition behind cold leads.


The vacation industry relies more on telephonic or verbal communication when it comes to converting leads. LeadsRain recommends a multi-channel approach, keeping several stages of the marketing funnel in mind.

To conclude, every industry has one marketing gap that they need to fill. When it comes to the vacation industry, it’s in the ice-breaker itself.

Here, with ringless voicemail’s high delivery rate and the auto dialer’s management of calls, the campaign can achieve the connectivity with the leads in a way that the travel agency was aiming for.

So what’s the wait?

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