Why Ringless Voicemail works best for Insurance Agencies?

Ringless Voicemail


The relation between an insurance company and its customers are meant to be closely-knit. These mutually grooming relationships are not short-lived and most of the times span across generations. One can only imagine the kind of customer relationship management this core functionality of insurance companies necessitate. 

Insurance telemarketers need to notify their existing customers and prospects about their proactive deals, updates about policies, etc. to a vast number of people. And one could use many retargeting methods for the same.

One could send Emails, ring them on their landline phones, use robocalls, use TV and Print Advertising, etc. But not all of these are viable regarding cost, time and results.

For, eg, An insurance company telemarketer rings a particular prospect on his/her landline number to give new updates. Now, if the later hasn’t signed in with their phone numbers online or given any offline consensual input as such, this delivered message would go to spam directly. That would be the best case scenario and the worst case:  law-suits being filed against the company. Furthermore, Print and TV media do work moderately but are plain expensive. And robocalls are simply not FCC and TCPA compliant.

So here what we are looking for is the most cost-effective, long-term approach giving the maximum number of conversion rates.

Insurance agents across the world have found Ringless Voicemail Services the most effective cloud-based tool to enhance their business with an increase in customer loyalty and conversion rates.  

Ringless Voicemails are not expensive and time-consuming as one can send as many voicemails as they desire in a matter of a minutes. More than anything they are non-intrusive as they do not ring the phones of the customers and surprise or annoy them at any given time. They silently drop the message straight-to-voicemail of the customer. Another advantage of that is, a customer can listen to the sent message when they choose to, and thus the desired message gets assigned to them in the most profound way possible.

Ringless Voicemail comes under the tag of information services hence it is completely in compliance with the rules and regulation of TCPA, FCC, and DNC.

LeadsRain has by far served with their Ringless Voicemails to many leading Insurance companies globally. We also at request provide guidance regarding sample RVM scripts as per need. To see some of our hand-picked RVM examples continue reading here.