Saving Kids time through Voice Broadcasting System


Today, schools have much more to discuss that reading , writing and arithmetic. Running a school involves a complicated set of duties and responsibilities required by the structure, order and hard work . Over the years, these responsibilities and duties have steadily risen , but so have the technologies that really help to ease the burden of some of these burdens . Today, there are many tools that can save time and help solve problems, especially those involving the mass media.

I remember when I was in elementary school – 4th grade , to be exact. The school day had ended , I was on the bus ready to go home. But on this particular day , the bus broke down before we even pulled out of the schoolyard . So we sat in the hot sun . I lived only about 5 miles from the school, but the bus route going around the city before you actually get to my bus stop.

At the moment my mother realized the bus was late and called the school to see why I had been sitting on the bus for over an hour. OH how I wanted to be home ! It gets worse . Once she found out about the bus dilemma , my mom went to school to pick me up. I saw her pull right after the bus was fixed and pulling away! My heart sank and , needless to say , it was a long trip home.

Today, the buses still break down, but with a little technological advancement and communication tool called voice broadcasting , parents can be notified immediately when a situation like this occurs . When something goes wrong and a message must be sent quickly and effectively , voice broadcasting is the answer. Schools can notify literally thousands in just minutes. Now with voice broadcasting , the guy who ends up with the bus breaking down has nothing to worry about. Mom quick message and will save you from the long trip home.