5 Must Read Books that Boost Sales Rep’s Productivity


There are several sales books available that will help your sales force learn how to deal with objections, identify new clients, and strike stronger deals. For decades, certain books have served as a source of motivation for salesmen. By using the advice provided in sales books, many people have succeeded in moving up the success ladder. One may gain all the advantages of first-hand knowledge by reading anything written by a selling specialist. The sales reps should read one of the books on this list if they wish to ask better questions, prospect more successfully, manage their sales team, or just improve their sales skills in general.

Let’s take a look at these 5 handpicked books that made changes in lots of sales representatives’ life and performances.

Top 5 Sales Motivation Books for Sales Professionals

1. Endless Referrals by Bob Burg

In this book, Bob Burg focuses on his tried-and-true relationship-building strategies to drive even more customers to your door and ensure that you only draw in clients who are eager to buy what you have to offer. He demonstrates how to make the most of your everyday encounters, take advantage of your tools both online and offline, capitalize on your connections, and produce recurring referral-based income. The essential manual for sales reps to convert chance encounters into promising sales prospects.

Endless Referrals offers a fresh outlook on networking. Networking is more than merely exchanging business cards and emails, as any ordinary inbound sales executive would. Getting prospects to “know, like, and trust” you is important while networking.

2. The Sales Advantage: How to Get it, Keep it, and Sell More Than Ever by Dale Carnegie

The Sales Advantage, published in 2003, is a practical manual for increasing sales. It gives a step-by-step framework of the sales process, with tools and concepts for recognizing new prospects and turning them into repeat customers. It is based on a well-known corporate training program. It is the ultimate guide for sales development executives to pre-plan the whole approach and strategies to boost sales rep’s pitches and make sure every prospect is satisfied with their offer.

The Sales Advantage is a book that teaches inbound sales executives more than simply how to close deals and sell their products; it also teaches them about human nature, words that persuade others, effective communication strategies, and many other important life skills useful outside of the retail sector.

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The innovative sales strategies in this book are the result of conversations with sales experts from North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. This book offers helpful guidance in each chapter to help readers convert everyday obstacles into brand-new possibilities. It contains more than 100 examples from outstanding salespeople who represent a diverse range of goods and services from across the world.

3. Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar

The keys to convincing somebody to purchase something from you are conviction in your product, voice intonation, and questioning, as described and illustrated by Zig Ziglar in this book.

Some of the points put forward by the author which can let you see sales from different perspectives are:

  • The depth of your conviction more than the height of your argument is what convinces the prospect.
  • Instead of talking about the item’s full price, you talk about the small amount that is above and over what they previously committed to pay.
  • He also describes how the cost is the whole cost of the thing during its lifespan, not just the price you pay now. Poor quality, high maintenance, breakdowns, nervousness, etc., all at a much higher expense. This point can be very useful for sales development executives to create unique selling strategies.
  • When you’re talking with a prospect, please remember that in most cases he’s delighted to give you pertinent information if you’ll just ask for it! Many sales are lost because the salesperson simply never asks the question if the prospect wants to buy.

This book is the ultimate guide for sales reps and inbound sales executives to boost their sales.

4. The Ultimate Book of Sales Techniques: 75 Ways to Master Cold Calling, Sharpen Your Unique Selling Proposition and Close the Sale Paperback – by Stephan Schiffman

The breakthrough selling secrets! Stephan Schiffman has compiled a list of the key methods for becoming successful in the industry using his thirty years of expertise in instructing corporate sales staff. Schiffman presents all the information you want to enhance your performance and close the sale, from generating leads and cold calling to building a good rapport and sealing the purchase. This book contains his tried-and-true sales philosophy, which consists of things like Questions that are necessary for sales to occur.

An opportunity hiding in plain sight is an objection. A salesperson’s duty is to assist the customer in finding a solution to a problem. Nobody ever successfully closed a deal by interrupting a client. With The Ultimate Book of Sales Techniques, you will finally be able to outperform the competition and advance your career, regardless of your degree of experience.

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5. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

The Psychology of Selling is a popular book written by eminent sales expert Brian Tracy. It offers tips, tricks, strategies, and procedures to help salespeople close deals more quickly and easily than before. Every vertical salesperson should read it. Every sales practitioner should read Brian Tracy’s famous manual, “The Psychology of Selling: Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible.”

Your manager has probably requested you to read it, and you should. The book focuses on 7 key areas such as Prospecting, Building rapport, Identifying needs, Presenting, Answering objections, Closing the sale, and Getting resales and referrals. The entire book revolves around these key areas and how can one be a successful sales executive just by focusing on these areas.

By following his advice and putting it into practice, more salespeople have become millionaires than through any other sales training method ever created. Tracy teaches you the following in Psychology of Selling: The inner game of sales and selling, How to get rid of the fear of being rejected, and how to develop unbreakable confidence. Tracy demonstrates how salesmen may become more productive by learning to regulate their ideas, feelings, and behavior. You may utilize the concepts, methods, tactics, and techniques in Psychology of Selling right away to increase sales more quickly and easily than ever.

Ending Note:

Reading these books can help your sales team build extraordinary skills and help them build unique and proven strategies for their next sales encounter. Getting skilled and updated is the only mantra to be successful in any operation. These books will provide expertise straight away from experienced sales legends. Get in touch with LeadsRain to get more information about sales and marketing.