How to handle upset prospects


We have expectations, and when those are not met the way we want them to, we react. We are humans after all. So it is natural for any business to encounter upset prospects on some occasions.

We must learn how to turn bad situations into good opportunities and improve customer experience. Here are few examples of how you can approach such situations.

1. “I will do my best to help you…”

2. “I would suggest you to..”

3. “May I arrange a follow-up call at a time that is convenient for you?”

4. “Thank you very much for having patience and being so understanding…”

5. ” I understand how you feel right now, let me see what I can do for you..”

Let’s now take a detailed look at different approaches you can employ in such situations.

1. Listen to what your prospect has to say

Let them state their problem first. Allow your prospect to say their piece instead of talking over them or arguing with the points that they are trying to make. As you listen, try to foster a relationship with them, and show empathy.

2. Foster a relationship

Show that you understand their situation and the position they are in. Acknowledge their source of frustration. Identify what’s bothering them and approach the situation with a cool head. Staying unaffected by the prospect’s tone or volume will calm them down.

3. Delegate

If you feel a conversation is not going anywhere, don’t waste hours on it. Just keep in mind that you are dealing with exceptions, not the norm. If you feel the necessity, patch the call to your team leader for further assistance.

4. Be detailed

Summarize what to do next. While closing the call, set expectations for the prospect and make sure you follow through and deliver on your promises. Take notes during the call and prepare yourself in advance for the next conversation.

5. Deliver on what you promised

If you promised a callback – make sure you keep it! Just make that call to your prospect at the scheduled time even if you don’t have any update for them. They will appreciate the efforts you put in for rectifying the situation. Sound confident while communicating with them.

6. Stay calm

Keeping a cool head while talking to an upset prospect will encourage them to do the same. Hopefully, this will redirect the whole flow of the conversation. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their viewpoint. Treat them the way you would like to be treated if you were frustrated by a service you paid for and are now experiencing issues.

Having the knowledge of how to handle such situations can improve the customer experience. Listening to them, staying calm, delivering on your promises, and fostering a relationship are the keys when you have an upset prospect on the other side of the phone. Following these techniques will not only allow you to assist prospects and tackle tough situations but will also help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce agent handle time, and improve brand reputation.