Leadsrain’s Vacation (Timeshare Industries) Lead Generation and Survey Case Study

Leadsrain's Vacation-Timeshare-Industries Lead-Generation-and-Survey-Case-Study

Sometimes in business, just a few simple things can get you the big deal. All you need is to identify the aspects which you can improve upon and attain the best outcomes. However, we quite frequently tend to overlook those aspects which are actually affecting our business. The same situation was confronting one of our clients from the timeshare industry.

The efforts that agents were making were quite huge, but certainly the direction was not appropriate. To achieve the greater results, making efforts into direction with right approach is highly desired. The agents used to consume so much of time in calling uninterested customers to sell vacation plans. That led our client to the considerably low rate of conversion and the circumstances were not ending at all.

When we are approached for the solution we were determined to eliminate the issue from the roots and to do so, we had to dig deeper into the roots to identify the problem which had been causing the client severe slowdown. When closely monitor, we found that during the procedure from pitching to conversion, the potential customer had to talk with a salesperson, a verification officer and lastly the payment department separately, while finalizing deal.

The mentioned procedure was not only lengthy but also very irritating as the customer used to receive three different calls from three different persons. This was killing the interest of the customers and agents ended up getting hang ups on the face, for more than several times. Apart from this major cause one more trouble was the time which was getting utilized in non-potential leads which obviously were not doing any good for the company.

Once decoding the problems, we came up with a solution and that was decreasing the conversation time between a customer and an agent and enabled entire procedure to take place on a single call. In one straightforward call the customer will talk with all the three sales, marketing and account persons. On implementing the automation strategy, we actually managed to wind up the entire procedure in just one call in and the conversion time was reduced to as low as 57%.

As we decided to eliminate the problem the very roots, we didn’t conclude there. The process could still be expedited if we remove the unwanted leads out of the list and that’s the exactly what we did. Filter. We surveyed out all the hot leads from the list, filtered them efficiently and handed them over to the client so that they not only speed up the process but also take his conversion rate to the whole new heights.  With this little assistance, our vacation (Timeshare Industries) planner client got a boost of nearly 450% of business.