How we at LeadsRain Optimize Sales Enablement

We know that our salespeople are like the warriors; inclined more towards the mystic conjurer’s side than towards the blood loving brutes. They collide head-on with the customers, and this customer has been chiseled from all the previous marketing, knowing much of our product and services–to close a deal with them is sealing a vast reaction of a whole lot of economy, technology, psychology and sociology into completion.

As the head of sales enablement at Targeto and LeadsRain, I write this to all the other sales veterans and leaders. We all know that we need to hire an effective sales team and then enable them into serving the purpose. After a particular time they need to be re-enabled or re-abled and so do we. Here are a few tips that I have applied to my workforce to optimize sales enablement.

How can you initiate the optimization?

You can optimize your salesforce’s enablement by, not just meeting your personally required needs, but taking the responsibility of the entire team’s performance. That will also motivate them to not only achieve their bottom line but to rather serve their role holistically.

Also, approach the sales enablement process with an all-inclusive attitude and an open mind. That will help disappear avoidable pitfalls, like using a lot of resources in process automation or trying to fit the entire sales staff into one rigid script, much like the ones they use and creating cold leads.

Set priorities straight!

Setting priorities always boost growth fundamentally. According to a survey done by 2016, marketers and businesspeople, stated that through sales enablement they got the following stats.

Efficiency of sales rep was reported to be the most important goal (81.8%)

Increasing revenue (75.8%)

Increasing new account acquisition (68.7%).

Including increasing the win rate of forecast deals (64.6%)

Increasing existing client sales (45.5%).

Use your license to be clingy.

We at LeadsRain maximize our interaction with our customers, using Predictive Dialler, a product of our sister company, that which is designed to do the same. With creative CTAs like Emails and ringless voicemails that promote offers and benefits we engage with prospects and customers, this also helps in rebuttal of dead leads.

To engage prospects and customer better one needs to understand customer behavior. The point is seeing them as people rather than just a CRM list.

You don’t need an iron bar to brand now.

With oh so many social media platforms to promote your content what’s holding you back? There has been excellent DSPs that can help you do this over multiple channels, and across networks from one place. To help your sales force be where the customer is. Targeto our other product is a people based, omnichannel, cross-network platform. Thus to create an impression in the minds of the people both sales and marketing is needed.

Letting content leverage sales

According to a survey, 80% of the salespeople do not fail to use the curated content. Mostly fail to create a content library in the first place. Itemised content like

A call script

Customer testimonials right from the brag book

Event and webinar calendars

White papers, blogs, case studies and other long-form content

Infographics, visual content like

Email templates,

Brochures, presentations, etc. could help bring a lot of taste and boost in your sale conversations

Use Pawns!

Battle card. Battle card is one of the pawns I am talking about. I hope you all are accustomed to this slang — a battle card; it is a sales technique that deals with content. It is about providing such content that would create a distinction between you and your competitors, by educating them the “why” of your services/product, etc. You can use other techniques that can and can’t be called as pawns, but anyway — SPIN Selling, SPAN Selling, People-centric Selling, etc.

Detail it out.

Use tools to help your reps communicate effectively, this communication doesn’t exclusively mean speaking with all the diction correct or cheerfully, on higher level, one also has to take in consideration psychological aspects of their customer, their taste, and characteristic, while conversing. The script is there only as a framework to not let your sales rep directionless, but it has to be customized while dealing with humans– this is a great way to optimize sales enabling.

The Other Way Around

Though technology will influence CRM, marketing automation, sales intelligence and automation, communication solutions, CPQ (configure, price quote) and content management.) If you notice this entire procedure happens the other way around. Mostly in sales technology we keep technology pivotal. Sales Enablement is a procedure that keeps itself in the center and takes along with it technology for a round, to obviously make it better, just like any other procedure. As I mentioned earlier no tech stack is to be used, an exception being only for language fluency. Technology will here only supplement your sales reps’ ability to understand customer-psychology and thus their need.

LeadsRain is an all-inclusive cloud-based contact service solution provider, and we choose to keep ourselves updated with things that keep us on track with the needs of the people.

To know more about us and our services like Cloud Based Predictive Dialer, Cloud Text Messaging and the like visit us or call us on 844-ON-CLOUD