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Since the last couple of years WHO observes World Mental Health day to recognize the uprising epidemic of mental health issues and the stigma attached along with it.

Workplace environment plays a crucial role in the mental health of its people. Though many people say that being employed and staying busy with work helps their mental health, but there are in vast majority others that don’t. The internet is brimming with stats of all kinds to give you an idea that how this is not just a personal thing but a collective epidemic.

We at LeadsRain believe in helping our employees by having an open dialogue about mental health issues. We appreciate Google’s initiative in this area by launching a depression screening test that appears next to depression and suicide-related queries.

Here are some of the points in the first person our in-house psychologist shares for a general all inclusive well-being of the workforce, that most importantly require no resources or no external help but just some healthy realization.

Do not overestimate your importance and I do not mean this in a wrong way. We often take things personally. Not everything said to you or done to you is precisely designed for you. People behave according to their cultured selves and perceived notions, most of the times as you may have noticed the reaction to the same things varies person to person. No one individually targets you, and when you are being confronted, a lot of confrontation has nothing to do with you but the other person’s innate personality and biases. So sit back, and don’t let it all get to you.

Be the silent watcher of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Only a few people reach this conclusion and lesser of them understand it: You do not have to identify with your feelings and thoughts. Not all the 60,000 thoughts you have in a day, and the vivid spectrum of emotions are to be considered to be true. Make a practice to watch your feelings, and that will help you logically decide which feelings to consider and which ones to not, thus helping you grow through your work life seamlessly, in a way you initially aimed. Be focused on your goal and do not pay attention to all what you feel and think. This might sound absurd now, but the truth of the matter will remain as is.

You only have two choices to be really honest, rest all is just surface tomfoolery. You can either accept what is, or can do something about it. I’ll be explaining further to not let you people misunderstand this thing into a completely black and white scheme to net let you all ending up leaving jobs every Monday or being okay to work for a morsel of bread. The first thing is to stay focused on what your goal is, either making money or growing through experience. Don’t let this slip your mind while facing situations. If there are things that are unpleasant, then with a composed mind do all that is necessary and legal. After having done that, see the result if it is in your favor well and good, otherwise leave the premise of the situation. Maybe after having had some time to reflect on the nature of the unpleasant situation you could simply accept it. And make sure to not harbor guilt, revenge or remorse for anything that you had to do logically.

They all are a tool, the school you attended, your degree, your job, your religion, etc they all are a tool, a means to an end. And the destination is to have a happy, satisfied life, to feel at ease and home with oneself. Whatever deed whosoever does, has fulfillment as its core purpose. So these tools that are meant for you well being should not cause you suffering. And also the perspective shift that happens with this realization will really put things into place.

Know from where not to derive your self-worth from, there is no option but to realize that we are all that we aspire for. You have to at times learn to live without external validation and stimulants. The life itself in you is capable of doing a grand multitude of things. Paraphrasing a quote I once came across: the world you see around you is not made by men any superior to you. To think of oneself less, is one of the most harmful things. This would lead you to seek validation and worth from the fragile, frivolous swirling entropy of the outside circumstances; that which are mostly biased, subjective and surely having no intrinsic meaning themselves.

And the most seriously important thing of all is to actually not take things seriously at all. Again all your “important phases” in life like I mentioned above have just been different levels of a game, where you have to achieve one goal amidst a lot of complications, just to reach the next level. You can take your job in the same way — a different level of life. The goal could be satisfaction in the work you’re doing, why you are doing, or it could be a promotion, which has to be achieved amidst complexities which are there just to be solved.