Scientific Hacks for Great Customer Experience

Science behind Customer Experience



The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

–Sam Walton

Realize what your customers want this may sound clichéd but simple reminders often brings us home. Understand that you are only because of your customers, and they are your customers only primarily because of how you made them feel, some leading digital marketing agencies don’t say that they are in a customer-satisfaction business for no reason. Put yourselves in your customers’ shoes and see whether you would entertain the service you provide or perhaps the way you provide it. This piece of learning from unpaved streets to boardroom screens holds true — timelessly.

To make more revenue, be people-centric. According to a survey leading companies have realized that by introducing people-centric methodologies, a growth of 5 to 10 percent of revenue gains and a reduction of spending costs by 15 to 25 percent over the course of 2 to 3 years. This would direct the focus inherently upon the user’s experience and thus the leavening of quality will follow.

To apply this visceral rule into your already existing business plan let me give you a real life illustration 

Zappos, the billion dollar online shopping brand based in Las Vegas, Nevada uses a list of guidelines called Zappos core family values and these values thrust deep in their work ethic, helping them have a core foundation also an extra edge.

You too can create a warm guide that focuses on entirely on your workplace culture, designed for better customer relationship.  

Prioritize what brings the most benefit, whether the customer will put your company on pedestal or not will depend entirely on few salient factors and which of them, they find the most important, the features being — quality of product, speed of service (thanks to amazon and the like) overall performance, prices and customer care ( the most important one!)

Using advanced analytics and big data obtained throughout the customer’s journey, understand their dispositions and interests. You can use KPIs and 1:1 feedbacks from agents too. This will help business to focus on what has the most economic value and keep changing accordingly for better ROI.

Also, to define the core motto of the company and to set a goal effectively, define a mantra crisply and it should reflect the what, why and how of your company. For example Disney Company’s motto is: “We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all ages, everywhere.”

What? – to provide entertainment to all ages

Why? – to create happiness

How? – doing so with the finest in  industry

Apply some proven rules to hack into your customers mind

We humans have been recognizing patterns for survival since beginning of time, this still works, so in marketing be simple and stay inspired by the your colleague and rivals. Maintain a balance between being completely strange from the industry and being completely generic.

Customers are mostly confused whenever they are going to make a purchase, and if yours is a brand that they aren’t aware of, then they are going to be very dubious, a proven solution to this is to make affirmations about the quality and features of whatever it is that you’re selling, this is to be done only when reluctance is sensed, make sure to not over do it. This is most likely to increase your ROI.

Social scientists say that people are likely to whole heartedly buy things that are acclaimed and accepted socially, make sure to document the responses from your other happy customers and display it to the new ones, this could also be done by intelligent advertising.

Connect to your customers on a personal level, make notice of their culture and taste and serve them accordingly. Market them emotionally rather than being focused completely on technicalities, this is the best way to provide optimum user experience and to increase your conversion rates.

Focus on the entire journey not just touchpoints.

Rather than focusing entirely on only the particular places your services lack and fixing them, make sure to focus on the entire experience — the entire journey of your customer. There is no guarantee that serving all the touchpoints well will give your customers overall satisfaction. And it is the overall experience that the customers take back home with them.

Scientifically, our memories built up most of our perceptions and experiences. But sadly our memories are not reliable, this makes the perceptions about our experiences unreliable too. If you were asked to state how your yesterday went you will for sure answer that according to how the last event of that day was or perhaps the last memory you stored consciously of that day. Out of all the things that happened throughout, you’ll carry with you only the last memory as a tag for the entire day.

Many B2B companies have understood this fact and thus have been focusing on giving complete satisfaction in the experience rather than just fixing the touch points.

Now, even if their customer was unsatisfied in some place of the journey, they would come open mindedly again because of the experience they had or rather the memory of it they carried with them home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read and that it will prove beneficial for you in near future, our dedicated team goes by such principles for a definite overall vertical development.

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