Introducing the Future of Automated Lead Follow-up System

Rise of Omnichannel Marketing Communication Platform

Being an industry player since, last 7 years, we have served large numbers of marketers and while working with them we came across several issues they face every now and then. Problems like Single Channel dependency, Lack of Work-flow strategy, Lack of properly segmented leads, Failure to Engage the leads when needed etc.,

Hence, The LeadsRain innovation team has been cooking up something exciting… And we are thrilled to share the same solution with you! Though we are still in the beta version and heading ahead towards the final step of launching it. But we thought we should definitely share what we have conceptualized and developed.

We consider it the New Dawn of Follow-up Automation.

But first, we have a story to share.

Constant Innovation for Our Customers

At LeadsRain, we’re dedicated to helping marketers like you generate more leads to find sales success. Lead generation is the lifeblood of so many businesses, and our goal is to keep that fuel tank full — that’s why we’re called LeadsRain, after all. Our goal is to make it rain with leads for your business!

Over time, we noticed that many marketers were putting all of their eggs in one basket — they only executed their lead generation efforts across a single outreach channel. They were holding themselves back from reaching their full potential and maximizing all possible sales.

They would run a Press-1 Campaign, tele-survey, or rich text campaign. But it was always one at a time. Though those tools are highly effective, it got us thinking… What if there’s a better way?

What if there’s a way to manage outreach and communications from multiple channels instead of just one?

What if there’s a way to launch campaigns and respond automatically instead of manually? What if there’s a way to save marketers and sales team’s time while increasing their conversion rates?

So we built it – The Next-Gen Omnichannel Communication Platform

The question is why have we developed this Platform?

The reason is the problems we discussed above make the lead negative about the brand and become non-responsive. And due to that marketers think leads are bad leads. But actually not, the approach towards leads is bad. That’s why we built it, to change the approach toward leads.

The platform we built is an all-in-one platform that allows you to communicate with leads and customers across multiple channels through automated workflows. This technology enables you to convert more leads with less manual effort.

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With this platform, you don’t have to send a response automatically. Its trigger-based workflows mean that when a certain action occurs, you have a pre-written response already fired up and ready to send immediately. Quick, consistent follow-up and communication delight your leads and helps build a seamless customer experience.

Find out why this platform is going to be the new essential tool in your marketing stack.

Follow-up Automation Features – Why You Need It

Customized workflows: You build a communications strategy with custom time intervals, and we power it automatically.

Follow-up Automation: Reconnect with leads automatically so you can follow up faster.

Drip campaign management: Create a custom drip campaign to connect across multiple touchpoints — from phone calls to text messages and more. Launch your campaigns automatically based on custom events.

Lead Engagement: Through inbound communication support and auto responders, the platform provides the tools you need for 24/7 engagement without 24/7 effort.

Lead Segmentation: Segment your leads so you send the right message to the right audience.

Call Tracking and Analytics: Track what’s working and what’s not so you can make data-driven decisions. Monitor workflow progress in real-time and measure which channels and campaigns are the most successful.

Inbound campaign: plan your inbound campaigns to keep the communication flow up and forward with a response based triggered actions.

Benefits – Why You’ll Love It

  • Frees team members from routine communication so they can focus on the most important conversations
  • Enables round-the-clock responses, even when you’re off the clock
  • Outreach through more channels means your response rates increase
  • Integrates with your CRM and other tools via webhook so everything stays updated without the need for manual data entry
  • Increase team efficiency and productivity
  • Easily manage opt-out requests and lists
  • Protects your data with a serverless architecture and peak privacy and security features
  • Pricing transparency: only pay for what you use

There are so many exciting features built into the new Unified Communication & Lead Engagement platform, we built — we can’t wait for you to check it out! All of these features and benefits are built into ONE platform.

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You will be amazed how much your team’s productivity and efficiency will soar when you start using this Multichannel Follow-up Automation Solution. And the story doesn’t end here. We are on our way to add more channels and features to keep your marketing campaign resource-rich to bring the best out of your Leads.

Summing it up!

If you love LeadsRain, you’ll definitely love our newly designed Automated Lead Follow-up Solution, even more. Our development team doesn’t stop building new methods of achieving your marketing goals. Book a call now to learn more. We will keep you posted with every single update!