Impact of Robocall Mitigation Evolution on Lead Generation Activities

Impact of Robocall Mitigation Evolution on Lead Generation Activities

Robocalls get a bad rep because they are a favorite with scammers who use them to steal personal and sensitive data. And, let’s face it – it’s also quite annoying.

Did you know that just under 46 billion robocalls hit Americans in 2020 alone? These are auto-dialed, unsolicited calls that always come at the wrong time, asking you to volunteer your personal information.

But in the right hands, robocalls can be a pretty powerful tool. Businesses leverage these automated calls to streamline their outreach while enhancing their lead generation activities and opening new prospects for healthy streams of sales.

However, interestingly enough, we also have better-than-ever call blocking features thanks to smartphones and third parties stepping in to create better mitigation methods. So the questions arise…

Do businesses need to invest in this technology? And is robocall mitigation really worth it?

How Robocall Mitigation can positively impact Outbound Lead Generation Activities?

Some Robo callers seek to sell legal products illegally, while others are only interested in stealing your credit card or social security number.

For decades, robocall scammers have ruined voicemails and phones across the nation. According to Juniper Research, $40 billion were lost in robocall frauds on a global scale. Moreover, they highlighted that the threat of identity theft is the number one hazard of automated telemarketing.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has imposed certain regulations to fight against all these scammers. Moreover, businesses now need to clarify to what extent they have implemented the STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication framework through the Robocall Mitigation Database.

There is no denying the fact that implementing caller ID authentication helps customers with trust issues since they are more likely to trust businesses that implement robocall mitigation practices. Moreover, it also declares to customers that as a business, you are taking steps to reduce fraudulent or illegal robocall activities.

1. Rebuilding Customer Trust Through Call Labeling

STIR/SHAKEN pressures businesses to protect their technology, create a database and push illegal telemarketing out of the industry. While it makes it harder to spoof false caller ID to scam you – the tech isn’t foolproof.

However, it’s great at preventing bad calls from originating and helping businesses regain customers’ trust. Caller ID authentication technology and call labeling practices enable subscribers to trust telemarketing automated calls and enhance faith in business.

With Call labels, a consumer can gain insight into the intent of a call to determine if they want to answer it. This allows them the freedom to screen calls of their own accord.

2. Enhanced Sharing of Product Feature And Information

Business owners and sales support agents often want to share a key piece of information with a large group of potential customers. This could include updates regarding when customers need to come back for their next appointment or notify them that your business will be closed on a particular day.

In those cases, phone calls can be just as useful as emails and texts to convey your message.

3. Save Money – Nurture Only Qualified Leads

In early 2021, HubSpot reported that over 61% of professional marketers cited traffic and lead generation as their number one challenge. But, other studies show that lead generation efforts usually consume more than half of the marketing budget.

Robocalls never require live agents and obviously reduce agent costs as the entire system can run on cloud services. Therefore, it helps businesses save on human resource expenses and infrastructure costs.

Given that robocalls are auto-dialed in tens of thousands of calls simultaneously, depending upon the customer base, businesses can achieve huge savings. Not only this, conducting large-scale lead generation campaigns is generally quite expensive, but with robocalls, enterprises can easily reach their lead generation goals within their budget.

4. Improves The Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the front of the mind for marketers and sales teams. As soon as we shift towards digital transformation and interactions, it’s more important than ever to deliver customers with meaningful and personalized interactions.

Telemarketing is an effective tool for enhancing customer experiences and relations. When businesses partner with a reliable and reputable lead generation service provider which focuses on clients’ individual needs can help businesses make the most of their robocalls.

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5. It’s Not Just Cold Calling

A proven truth of outbound marketing is that telemarketing calls are way more effective than SMS messaging. These calls are much more personal and engaging, with a higher response rate and lower chances of coming across as spam.

With efficient robocall mitigation evolution, businesses get a chance to branch out their sales funnel and pipeline. As a result, it allows businesses to create specializations that result in higher efficiencies – leading to more effective ways to strategize your operations.

Besides this, lead nurturing is also done well since your sales team can build rapport throughout the entire pipeline.

Streamline Your Lead Generation Campaigns With Robocall Mitigation Evolution

Of course, consumers aren’t the only ones that are affected by robocalls. Sales support agents also waste their valuable time answering calls that end up being bots. As a result, it takes away from the business’s efforts in winning over customers or focusing on other tasks.

As mitigation methods evolve, it is essential that businesses monitor their calling capabilities. A bad caller ID can cost your business time, resources, and money — it can even tarnish your reputation.

Robocall mitigation development practice is the solution to all the problems listed above. It simultaneously helps businesses harness the power of robocalls to exceed their sales targets and deliver trustworthy, seamless, and personalized customer experiences. To get more insights, connect with our experts today at or schedule an appointment now.