Do’s and Don’t to Manage your Calls to get rid of Scam Likely Caller IDs

Manage your Calls to get rid of Scam Likely Caller IDs

Many businesses that rely on telephone communications are at risk of having their outbound number flagged as a scam likely on caller ID. When a number is flagged as a scam likely, this can cause numerous issues that are detrimental to business efforts.

There are several things that businesses can do to avoid being flagged as spam/scam likely. How do you manage calls in the event that consumer caller IDs mark your businesses as scam likely?

Damages of Scam Likely Blocks

Consumers are burdened by a significant rise in the number of illegitimate calls received from scammers. These large-scale scam operations cause consumers to be weary of unknown numbers and to invest in call blocking tools from flagged or otherwise suspicious numbers.

Being marked as a scam likely is damaging to many efforts within your organization. This has the potential to destroy customer trust, and prospective leads, and result in numerous financial damages.

Financial Damages

Answer rates will plummet when a number is marked as scam likely. This will require a significant increase in the number of outbound calls that your company has to make to reach potential customers.

Brand Image

Being flagged is also bad for your brand reputation and customer trust. This occurrence is likely to destroy potential interactions with prospective leads and even affect relationships with existing customers.

Why Are Your Calls Marked As Scam Likely?

There is the potential risk of being marked as a scam for any business even when numbers are legitimate. There are several reasons that consumers or mobile carriers may flag your outbound numbers as a scam likely.

Consumer Flags

Consumers have the ability to flag numbers for any reason that they feel the need to do so. Getting flagged a few times will not necessarily cause your business to appear as a scam likely on other consumers’ caller IDs. However, the more times that you are flagged, the more likely that this is to occur.

Carrier Blocks

There is the potential risk that a mobile carrier may flag your number as a scam likely. The criteria for this occurrence vary amongst mobile carriers but are determined by call volumes and frequency.

Wrong Dialer Service

Using the wrong type of dialer service is one of the most common reasons that a carrier may flag a number as a scam likely. Ensure that you use a legitimate dialer service, and it is configured correctly to prevent this issue. Try LeadsRain’s Cloud Predictive Dialer Now.

What to Do If You Have Been Marked Scam Likely

There is no fast or easy process for removing the label of scam likely for the specific number affected. You can dispute the flag with the mobile carrier or spam application; however, this is generally ineffective.

If your outbound number has been marked as a scam likely, you will need to implement new tactics for successful calls.

1.) First, stop using the flagged number to allow it to rest and hopefully recover after some time. Continuing to use this number will only result in more flags and increased damages.

2.) Invest in additional DIDs or utilize 800 numbers (Toll-free Numbers) that will show as legitimate numbers on consumer caller IDs.

3.) Alternate numbers throughout the day to avoid being flagged as scam likely. You should utilize several different outbound calling numbers.

4.) Invest in predictive dialer services to ensure that this issue does not happen again in the future. Recovering brand image takes time and can be difficult when these issues are reoccurring.

How to Avoid Being Marked As Scam Likely

There is no fool-proof way to avoid being marked as a scam likely but there are things that you can do to prevent this from happening.

1. Use Multiple Outbound Numbers

Using multiple phone numbers is the smartest way to ensure that your phone numbers aren’t flagged as scam likely.

2. Improve Dialing Practices

Always use high-quality and unique scripts for your outbound calls. This is an important dialing practice that has the potential to decrease the number of flags that your business incurs.

3. Monitor DIDs

Regularly scan your DIDs to ensure that you aren’t dialing from flagged numbers. This allows you to simply swap a number for a different one in the event that it is flagged.

4. Invest In The Right Dialer Services

Predictive dialer solutions streamline call center tasks and promote outbound call success. These advanced technological services provide businesses with the solutions needed to avoid being flagged as a scam likely. These tools also assist in lead generation, ringless voicemail, and additional services to keep customers happy and connect with them on their schedules.

Leadsrain Provides the Tools for Success

LeadsRain provides its clients with cloud-based predictive dialer solutions that eliminate the need for cumbersome hardware and software. Leadsrain provides easy-to-use web-based dialer tools and integrations that set up business for success.

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