How to Convert your Contact Center into Conversation Center using Voice and SMS Service

Build a Conversation Centre with Outbound Dialer and SMS

Contact centers these days are way better than how they used to be a few years ago. The technology that most contact centers have these days helps them get in touch with their leads and potential clients in a significantly shorter period. That said, a large number of call centers still encounter massive hurdles when trying to contact people.

If you look at a high percentage of these centers, you will realize that they contact loads of people but the responses are very few in comparison. It is a massive cause of frustration and often results in contact centers closing down.

Do you own a contract center and are wondering how you can take it to new heights?

If yes, continue reading this piece, as we will discuss some common pitfalls encountered by most call centers and how they can resolve them.

What Do Call Centers Lack for Building Conversation?

As mentioned earlier, most call centers face a lot of hassle when it comes to building conversation. Mentioned below is a list of reasons why this usually happens.

More Contact and Less Conversations

A common mistake that most contact centers tend to make is that they have a long list of leads to call to but they do not have any worthwhile conversation. Instead, they just make loads and loads of calls every day with minimal response. This is because people are getting fed up with calls that sound like full-fledged sales pitches and take up too much time.

Receivers Have no Idea about the Purpose of the Call

While some people, especially those who have received loads and loads of contact center calls can identify a call’s purpose, most of them aren’t aware why they’re being called. It is a significant reason why call centers fail to build a dialogue with their callers and have low conversion rates.

Unknown Callers get ignored

As you would expect, very few people entertain unknown callers. If you want to entice people into listening to what you want to say, the first thing to do would be to make an impression. However, making calls out of the blue is never a good idea, as most of them only end up getting ignored.

Calling at Unwanted Time or Without Prior Appointments

Calling at unwanted times is considered rude by most people, and generally, people tend to ignore calls like these. It is a common mistake made by most call centers as they contact leads at the most bizarre times, expecting to get a response. However, things rarely work that way, and it would be a better idea to connect with your calling list at a time that is suitable for them.

No Idea about Company Calling

More often than not, people don’t have any idea that they’re talking to a contact centre expert. For all they know, it could be somebody trying to extract information or rip them off. This is why every contact centre must make sure that it notifies the individual they’re trying to call, making sure they can create a worthwhile dialogue and offer value.

How Using SMS Service with Outbound Dialer can Help Build Conversations

Your contact center can easily do away with the above-mentioned problems by taking advantage of an outbound dialer and SMS service. Let us discuss some benefits you will get by using these services.

Pre- Reach People before Calls

As discussed earlier, it’s better to give people an idea about who you are and what your purpose of calling is. Using an SMS service will help ensure that the person you’re calling is notified beforehand, significantly increasing your chances for a worthwhile conversation.

Warming up the Cold Leads

With so many leads in hand, it’s common for call centers to have cold leads. Fortunately, they can now easily address this issue by using a predictive outbound dialer. This is a cloud-based technology capable of storing all of your contacts to make sure you can get in touch with any lead that went cold in a matter of minutes.

Clarifying why you are reaching out

A high percentage of people are likely to hang up on random, unpredictable calls. Using an SMS and predictive dialer service will help you clarify your intentions, helping people understand why you are calling them. It is arguably the best way for call centers to increase conversions.

Checking Whether the Customer is Interested

Not every caller or customer will be interested in what your contact center is offering. Weeding these individuals out can help you save a lot of time and you can do this by taking advantage of an SMS contact center service.

Scheduling Calls and Sending Links

Scheduling calls is one of the best ways to ensure people receive them. As we discussed earlier, people prefer receiving scheduled calls. This is where taking advantage of a predictive dialer or even SMS service could come in handy. Your contact center could even take an extra step and send links, along with other details, providing callers with any information they need when following up.

Final Thoughts

Competition among contact centers is increasing at a rapid pace, which is why you should think a step ahead to stand out. One of the best things you can do to increase conversions and retention rate would be to take advantage of SMS service and outbound dialers. They are effective, efficient, and offer tons of other benefits besides the one we discussed. To know more please contact our experts on 844-ON-CLOUD or drop an email at