Rise of Remote Sales Dialers for Outbound Sales after Pandemic

Rise of Remote Sales Dialers for Outbound Sales

There was a time when Sales Dialers occasionally used to work from home. Due to the pandemic, the whole scenario changed. Sales dialers had to work from home for a very long period of time. We don’t know whether it’s going to be temporary or will it be the new normal? We know some things for sure. Like the demand for remote sales dialers are increasing at this time.

The reasons for the rising demand for remote sales dialers are many. Though the prime reason is pandemic itself. It is becoming a necessity to give training to the sales dialers to work from home. Most of the organisations are also providing tools and resources to set up the working environment at home.

Reasons why Remote Sales Dialers are preferred by Contact Centers

Time and Cost-Effective

This new normal is benefitting sales dialers as well in terms of time. The complaint of commute time, travel expenses are gone. The new normal is becoming cost saving for the organizations too. Many orgs. have started utilizing their office space for other purposes.


One of the important measures of safety is being served in this crucial time. Most of the sales dialers are working from home. With safety in mind, the working policies are changing, and the demand for remote sales dialers increases.


When Employees work from your premise, organizations are liable for so many things to provide them in order to make sure that employees are taken care of and given a safe and smooth environment to work. Facilities like Pick up and Drop, Electricity, Canteen facilities, Sanitation and Hygiene Care, Office stationeries etc. need to be provided which carries a handsome amount of cost. With Remote working, most of them need to be taken care of by employees themselves.

Buyers’ Perspective

Buyers’ perspectives are changing like never before. They are becoming digitally savvy. Now buyers prefer digital communication rather than meeting in person for buying products or services.

Touch of Globalization

It’s obvious that now the demand for remote sales will increase. Also, geographic boundaries are not an issue anymore. From all around the world, you can hire efficient remote sales dialers for your company at a competitive cost and competitive skill sets.

Now the question arises – what kind of skill sets sales reps can follow to work in this new normal period? Where working remotely is becoming the new normal. In this guide, we will discuss – what you can do as a sales representative to achieve the target with the outbound sales dialer?

And also, as an organization, what kind of strategies can you implement for the same?

Before we go into detail, let me tell you two simple secrets:

  1. Selling virtually is not difficult. You can do it with the right strategies.
  2. In this time, competition is going to decrease. It’s your time to shine with the right mindset and efforts.

“Sell Smarter, Not Harder.”

Let’s start with the skills you can work on. These skills will be useful to you not only in this time but throughout your whole career.

6 Skills You can Work on as a Sales Rep

Time matters!

Work from home has become a new normal for most of us. Think about time. The commute time, going to clients’ meeting time will be saved. All this time can be utilized to learn new skills.

Now think about time from another perspective. You can use saved time to reach more prospects as well. And you know what I mean when I say – more prospects equal more opportunities. It can lead you to more sales eventually. Learn to utilize your time smartly.

Communicate in Interesting ways

When you are communicating to your client, never sound pushy salesman nor be monotonous in your way of talking. This will not keep your client engaging in your conversation. As soon as Auto dialer connects the call, you should sound like the person the client loves to talk to. Listen to them with Great patience or if you have done enough research about the client, surprise them with their requirements, make him shocked how you come to know. Offer them the solutions which they are looking for and if it’s not what they are looking for, it should be more convincing than what they were expecting.

“It’s not what you sell, It’s how you sell it.”

Get Innovative

With few prospects on your list, you will get time to experiment. You can learn new skills. These skills will add value to you and your organization as well. Try different approaches to deal with prospects. Get your mind out of old outbound sales techniques. Work on your mindset, as well. With the right mindset, you will be able to keep calm during the crisis.

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Discipline Yourself

It’s easy to get distracted by the surroundings around you while working from home especially when a family is around while working. In this time, you can discipline yourself with a few tactics. You can use a to-do list, set deadlines. But don’t try to multitask.

Stay Available

Giving attention to your prospects is very important. Hence, always leverage your phone calls. Stay available for them. Once you are on call with them, don’t try to do any other work. Be a good listener. You will be able to understand the requirement properly.

The Right Parameter of Effectiveness

How do you measure the effectiveness of yourself? Do you think working day and night will help you to get more sales?

No, Measure your effectiveness with the results. If you are getting good results, that’s great. Otherwise, modify your strategies and change your working patterns.

Strategies to implement for your organization

Change the Perspective

Usually, the sales rep thinks from the sales mindset. If you have a look at the outbound sales funnel, you will see:

How many calls were made each day, how many meetings were positive? How many demos are finalized? How many closed deals for the week or month?

All these points are from a sales perspective. In this time, If you want to sell, then think from the buyers’ perspective. Let’s continue with the example of an outbound sales funnel. When you think from the buyers’ perspective:

How many needs are accepted? How many needs are verified?

If you can align the buyers’ and sellers’ needs, selling becomes easier. You can define your organization’s process as per the changing requirements.

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Upselling Strategy

To increase revenue, you can implement an upselling strategy. How is this strategy easy to implement for you? – it’s about connecting with your existing clients. They already know you, they trust you. They are already using your products or services. With upselling, you can sell them a good product or service. Don’t just sell it. Help them genuinely.

Behavior Analysis

Knowing the name of your prospects is not enough anymore. Now businesses have started to analyse customers’ behaviour too. This analysis helps them to interact with customers effectively.

With the changing time, buyers’ intelligence is also changing. You should invest your time researching about prospects as well. Why are they reaching out to you? Try to find this answer. Know them better to sell them more.

Mistakes you should avoid as a Sales Rep

Don’t worry too much

Sales reps who focus on numbers a lot get anxious easily. They start over-focusing on the existing clients, as they don’t want to lose them. Once they realize that they have few prospects on the list, they try to get them on board.

Don’t be needy in business. Work on the right strategies, and you will achieve your sales targets.

Wrong prospect? Not a good deal

What can be worse than spending your time and efforts on the wrong prospect? Selling to the wrong prospect can damage your brand reputation sometimes. Their false allegation will damage your organization’s reputation.

Spam leads – Wrong Decision

Don’t buy the leads in a hurry. Sometimes, you will end up getting spam leads and irrelevant leads, which will be a total loss for you. Hence, if you are thinking about investing your money in buying leads, think twice.

Final Thought

Buyers’ habits and sales practices are changing. We need to learn to adapt to the changes as the time demands it. We should consider one fact – Not everything is out of control. With some learnings and experience – you can do work differently, too. One thing is for sure – sales roles are transforming. It’s time for you to transform as well. It’s time for us to adopt the change.

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