Why Your Call Center Needs Predictive Dialer Software?

Predictive Dialer Software

Change is scary!
Missing deadline is scarier!
But you know what’s scariest?
Dialing hundreds of numbers manually. Yup, that will freak out anyone more than meeting Annabelle ever will.

If you feel the same, Predictive Dialer Software is made for you.

Predictive dialer is an intelligent software tool used to make outbound calls which automatically dials the list of numbers and connects to the agent only when its answered by a human on the other side, else, if needed plays a pre-recorded message.

It saves a lot of time for your call center wherein agents can then focus on their core task leading to a high ROI.

The best part about our predictive dialer is that it’s very easy to use and setup.

  1. Upload the list
  2. Log agent in our browser-based dialer
  3. Start auto-dialling calls

Hassle-free setup is not the only perks of our Predictive Dialer.

  • It helps in auto dialling which saves a lot of time.
  • It helps in optimizing the quality by recording the calls.
  • It connects directly but with time-zone wise dialing, hence no hindrance to the callee.
  • It evokes the inbound calling along with outbound calls.
  • It enables the admin to hijack, whisper and listen to all the agent calls in real-time.

I am sure you must be thinking

Well, that’s great and everything but why should I switch tools based on hearsay?

You shouldn’t!

Hence, we at LeadsRain urge you to try our Predictive Dialer before you make your decision.


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