What are the Benefits of Sales Enablement Optimization?

Benefits of sales enablement


David Brock in his book The Sales Manager’s Survival Guide, about Sales Enablement Optimization, says: “It’s all about providing tools, systems, processes, training, coaching, and development that ‘enables’ sales to be more effective and efficient.”

Here are all the key benefits we have gotten at LeadsRain through Sales Enablement Optimization, that is re-enabling of our salesforce. If you are still dubious about enabling your salesforce, our experience might inspire you.

Sales Enablement Optimization has acted as a catalyst in our functioning in many ways, it…

Helps through Planned Targeting

Sales Enablement Optimization lets you filter and identifies the warm leads and dead leads, that would help you plan your execution accordingly. This would result into a rebuttal of prospects turned cold and a decrement in the wastage of resources because of unplanned selling methods. To reach out cold leads you can use ringless voicemails, cloud-based predictive auto dialler as tools. To know more abou the same read our blog on rebuttal of dead leads.

Sales enabling much like people-based retargeting can help you and your salesforce identify people based on their behavior and choices, making the entire conversation more humane than robot-like. Also, being a step ahead of the customer is always beneficial.

Helps embetter the Customer Journey

Sales enablement optimization here helps your salespeople in real time. While buying a product or service, customers go through two journeys one is the buying one – series of forms, CTAs, selecting choices, making payments, etc.

Another one is a psychological one that involves your – brand identity, brand advocacy, the warmth of customer service, overall design, etc. Here, sales enablement knows when a customer would need support and how to align themselves accordingly while the customer is on-the-fly, maintaining the competitive distinction and the journey satisfactory by planned contact points.

Helps leaven Sales through Marketing

On average every year billions of dollars are spent annually on content creation, and that is not an issue, the issue arises when it goes wasted with time; instead of reaching out to the salesforce. Sales reps could need content at any point of a deal lifecycle, to enhance their information copiously and efficiency substantially.

Content marketing plus sales equal to sales enablement optimization. Rather than creating invisible boundaries, sales enablement dissolves the distances and does nothing but aim your salesforce with the best of tools and techniques.

Content that is not limited to the docs, sheets, and PSDs of the marketers only, but is shared with the salesforce in a way it can be provided to the customer whenever needed is the type that bakes life into the entire sales funnel. This content should aid the salesforce in precisely determining the what, why and how of their company to the potential buyers.

Helps bring Transparency in Company

As you may have seen the customer journey funnel in our previous blog — a customer in the LOFU has been through a lot of marketing, and so do the marketers, they need to see how do their leads do in future.

In a way, marketers need to know the conversion rates of MQL rather than just knowing the number of meetings set up a particular week, giving them a great sense of well-deserved sense of achievement.

Also, with the transparency sales rep can receive advice and recommendation from the rest of the team, giving them the clearest picture of the entire organization, helping them to close deals and generate new ones quickly.