5 ways of Maintaining Hygienic Fundraising During the Pandemic

ways of Maintaining Hygienic Fundraising During the Pandemic like Covid19

It is believed that fundraising is a tedious process. While this may be true, these are testing times, with a dire need for fundraising. Communication is key to a fundraising campaign. If your organization is looking to execute such a campaign, here you will find out about the necessary measures, and the means, to run a successful fundraiser campaign.

Human-to-Human, Heart-to-heart

As the country battles the pandemic, a lot of families are suffering, and chances are, your donors are too. Showing empathy can play wonders at this time. The sentiment of “we are all in this together” to show support to your donors will build greater relations, which will help you back your campaign.

A lot of these families are facing the harsh realities of life so you must let them know how your organization will respond to and attempt to resolve these concerns. You need to build a heart-to-heart connection with your donors and understand their pain, before expecting any offerings.  

The world is going digital

The times are challenging, and a lot of activities have become standstill countrywide. One of the major concerns is the graduation ceremonies, conferences, and so on. A lot of aspects of our lifestyle are taking a digital shift. It is time to test digital conferencing, and digital platforms to execute events.

As an organization, you must be open to offering digital experiences of physical events. Assume that your donor wants to interact with a child that he has sponsored. Although a person-to-person interaction may not be possible, a video conference call could be arranged. This could go a long way in the donor relationship and the reputation of your NGO.

Direct Communication

There has been a free-flow of information regarding COVID-19 on every channel, which means that your organization needs to stand out from the crowd. Your communication needs to be authentic, touch the donors on a personal level, and most importantly, must show how it is being helpful.

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Direct communication means can be used for a personal touch to the communications. Means of text and calls can make the difference to stand out. Of course, a presence needs to be maintained over social media and email communication as well, but a direct communication channel allows a free-flow of dialogue and exchange of information.

Executive ranks to take up the communication

The donors are interested to learn about the scenario, and the perspective of your NGO, from a high ranking official. CEOs, Managing Directors need to take a front seat in driving such communications. The plans of your organization to respond to these crises will be more trustworthy if coming directly from the decision-makers.

Audio or video messages can be deployed to the specific donors, from the decision-makers of your organization, over a conference call or a recorded message through a voice texting campaign.

Messages like, “I am so-and-so, President of so-and-so organization and I am here to talk about how my organization is tackling the ongoing pandemic for such-and-such people of our country,” can bring your campaign more eyes and ears. 

Show donors the worth of their gifts

Assure them that their gifts and donations are bringing a change. Show them how their funds were used to help a family or helped your organizations’ efforts in bringing that change. Donations are about making a difference, and if the donors do not feel that after their donation, then they will probably not believe in you. Take photographs or quotes from those who have been helped or positively affected through the donations to show the donors. Try to offer some merchandise for their donations, if possible.

Donors will often call you to get more insights into the fundraiser campaigns. Make sure that your donors’ calls are always answered. Software like cloud auto-dialers are enabled with features that will answer the call immediately, and even play a recorded message on receiving the call so that the basic information is provided, followed by your executive taking over. These days, a lot of citizens will be willing to chip in to contribute to society. Remember the points mentioned here when reaching out to them.

Essential Note

As a fundraiser, you want to generate hope through your campaign. Remember that this is a tense atmosphere. You would want to remind that there is a solution and every little effort can make a difference. This would prompt them to join your movement as well. It is time we start hearing some good news as well because people need to become more hopeful.