How can Voicemail Drops Streamline Your Outbound Calling Productivity?

Voicemail Drops Streamline Your Outbound Calling Productivity

We all know that outbound calling is a challenge and requires tolerance, consistency, and optimism to secure sales. However, a few techniques can make your calling experience less overwhelming while offering better results. Voicemail drops are among the most neglected aspects of outbound calls that can change the game.

This idea can boost productivity, improve brand recognition and awareness, convert leads into loyal clients, build brand trust, and much more. The best part is that you don’t need to put any extra effort into the process. Just create a sound and impactful pitch, and then send it over voicemail to attract customers.

Make sure to include a tempting offer or discount as well. It’s a way to give customers a reason to engage with your company. Just prepare an efficient and understandable message, and send it each time you get to voicemail.

Can Hanging Up to Answering Machines Create Negative Impact?

While most outbound sales representatives and call center agents hang up the phone soon after they go to voice mails, it can negatively impact your prospects. As an outbound sales representative, you need to show that you care for your client, and hanging up when it goes to voicemail indicates that you only called to sell a product. Simply put, if you have something beneficial for your customer, you need to make sure that they know about it, something you can easily do via voicemail.

Benefits of Voicemail Drops

If you give a message via voicemail instead of hanging up, it can boost outbound calling productivity.

1. Book More Appointments

A Rainmaker on average spends around 4 hours a day only trying to connect with their clients. This is a crucial time that one can use more wisely. When you leave a voicemail drop, it encourages prospective clients to call you back as soon as they listen to your message. This saves time on calling a customer multiple times a day to try to talk to them. You can also give them various details via voicemail, including how they can schedule an appointment. This way, when they call you back, they will be ready to either make a deal on the phone or book an appointment.

2. Generates More Leads

Expert outbound sales representatives understand that only a few well-qualified leads can generate the highest amount of money. Therefore, they look for potentially strong leads instead of calling several people. By leaving a tempting offer over voicemail or a strategically designed message, it’s easier to add potential customers to your sales funnel. Just send a message that’s hard to resist and is beneficial for your customer.

3. Boosts Productivity

Using voicemail drops can boost your outbound calling productivity. This is because you no longer try to contact a single client regularly, as you can leave a voicemail to your potential customer and move forward to the next. This saves your time and effort, which you can use to interact with other customers. Also, since this approach also increases the chance of securing sales, you can see a great difference in overall productivity.

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4. Improves Sale Opportunities

This strategy can greatly increase sales. Voicemails have a greater impact on the customer than a traditional call. This is because your customer will not be in a hurry. Most of the time, they will listen to a voicemail when they get home and don’t have any responsibilities to tend to. Also, your prospect will feel under less pressure when they listen to you over voicemail.

That’s because they won’t feel like they have to give an answer right away. Since prospects will listen to your message in a more comfortable environment, they can understand you easily. And if you’re offering a good deal, they’ll definitely call you back to hire your services or products.

5. Qualifies Prospects Faster

Many customer representatives end up calling a prospect multiple times. That’s because many prospects say that they’re busy, don’t pick up, or ask to call back later. The irony is only a few of these leads convert to loyal customers. This means you end up wasting a great amount of time on people who will never benefit you. Voicemail, on the other hand, only requires one-time effort. And if your lead is actually interested, they’ll get back to you soon.

6. Helps You Stay Compliant

As the rules are getting more complicated and strict day by day on calling your prospects and customers, hanging up on answering machines and specially when you are using outbound call center software, hanging up on answering machines calls are treated as short-duration calls and almost counted as missed-calls which may impose penalties by the service provider and carries and in long run it may cause the termination of your campaign and service. To cop up with such issues, it will fairly advised to leave voicemails on the calls connected with the answering machine.

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How does Leaving Voicemail on Answering Machine Calls Benefit Your Brand?

Opting for voicemail as one of your primary outbound calling strategies can also help your brand. Here are some benefits your brand can enjoy.

Brand Trust

Sending thoughtfully designed messages via voicemails can build brand trust. People will think that your company is more interested in benefitting them and not just selling services. They will also appreciate your approach of going the extra mile just to give them an important message. When you build their trust in you, it encourages them to put you in contact with friends who might be interested in your product. This will lead to more sales and brand trust.

Brand Recognition

Brand awareness and recognition are important. It helps you stay at the top of prospects’ minds so that they will contact you whenever they want to purchase your service or product. So, even if they don’t purchase from you now, they will get back to you at some point.

Response Rate

Voicemail drops for outbound calls can help nurture your leads. You can tell them about your company details and product information. As a result, you can increase response rates. Compared to the traditional call method, more customers will reach out to you as they’ll make a decision while in their comfort zone.

Bottom Line

Cutting the long story short, hanging up on the answering machine calls going to give you nothing. You need to keep calling your prospect until they pickup. And if they don’t pick-up for initial few instances and you keep them calling, they will either put you on DNC or will avoid you or you will be blocked by the Service use voicemail drops to boost your outbound calling productivity and increase sales. Just keep your message short. Add all the important points in the message and make a great offer. Personalizing your message can also help you turn the lead into a customer.