Does Ringless Voicemail Work on Landlines?

Does Ringless Voicemail Work on Landlines

You can only send voicemails to few landline numbers where voicemail service is included by the teleservice provider,  Voicemail in such a system is always accompanied by a small ring. Hence there is no such thing as Ringless Voicemail for landlines.

So should you send voicemail drops to landline numbers?

What we have observed while serving clients across various domains have allowed us to take a bird’s eye view and understand why it’s a bad idea.

The ring part

This pesky little ring completely defeats the purpose of a Ringless Voicemail. Add to that the huge reason a ringless voicemail is TCPA compliant is that it does not disturb the recipient


Whereas the mobile Voicemail Drops hardly have undelivered drops, landline drops have a very high failed delivery rates. Not every landline number in your list would be Voicemail compatible.


Again the mobile Ringless Voicemail delivers amazing results, an almost 100% open rates! The results on landline Voicemail drops are far less both in terms of open rates and callbacks.

Does that mean my landline leads are waste?

Absolutely not! Leads like gold will forever be precious! You can try our Voice Broadcasting Service to reach your landline leads. Press 1 campaign works like a charm for B2B communications.

Go even one step further and adopt our Umbrella Approach to raise your success rates through the roof.


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