Voice Broadcast Services


LeadsRain.com provides telephone systems and voice transmission software for the call center industry. LeadsRain.com also maintains a modern data center that provides call processing services including full voice broadcast.

Using a web service online, LeadsRain.com customers can access their account and manage their own voice campaigns, including downloading lists of calls, recorded messages, etc. Customers can view the progress of their campaigns as calls are maintained using our full dissemination of report system voice.

VoiceXML and Voice Broadcasting Services

Call Processing Services LeadsRain.com incorporate VoiceXML messaging features that automatically send phone messages from the client computer system in our call center using XML push logic. This allows customers to intiate voice transmissions based on criteria which automatically triggers an emergency broadcast. For example, heat sensors with IP connectivity can be installed in an office building that can initiate an emergency voice broadcast by sending a message VoiceXML . Other applications can be as simple as wakeup calls or weather alerts that are automatically activated a computer system or web sites.

Broadcasting services can send voice messages to people or leave messages on answering machines . The use of advanced detection techniques voicemail, phone systems can play a single DSC phone message recorded in a machine (as opposed to a receiver of the live call). The voice transmission system starts playing the recorded message just after the welcome message on the answering machine is complete.

Register Online Voice Broadcasting

LeadsRain.com offers an online registration capability that allows nonprofit organizations such as churches and schools to enroll in voice broadcasting services on the Internet. Commercial organizations can also use this online service to join our voice broadcasting services. This registration form voice broadcasting provides savings over normal commercial rates.