Top 5 Don’t for Contact Center Agents

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In our previous posts, we have been providing you valuable tips and recommendations for Contact Center Agents, but there are few things they should NEVER do.

In this post, we list the Top 5 things agents should avoid that may lead to bigger problems for your businesses. Read this post and avert such nightmares from happening!

1. Complaining about customer-related issues on social media

Your customer could easily find your agent’s social profile if they really wanted to. Complaining about customers or speaking poorly about them online can affect your business if they take it the wrong way. Encourage your team to practice discretion and leave any customer issue at work off social media. Nothing positive come out of blasting anyone online!

2. Telling a customer that “I can’t help you” or “I have no idea”

Solving problems of the customers is the primary task of Contact Center Agents. It is crucial that they have a good knowledge of products and services offered. Having an answer to every question customer raises may not be possible but in such cases agents should forward the call to a person who is capable of assisting the customer in need. Saying “No” to customers plainly reduces the trust they have in your agents and your business. If I were you, that’s the last thing I want!

 3. Saying “calm down” to an upset prospect

Using empathy is a good way of getting the prospect to calm down without telling them to do so. Telling them to calm down is like stating that the reason they are upset is not acceptable. It may be the fault of your company why they are upset in the first place, so try to learn how to handle upset prospects instead of telling them to “calm down.” Say something positive and show your readiness to solve the problem the caller is facing at the moment. You can start off by saying something like “I apologise for any misunderstanding. Please be patient so that we can discuss this query thoroughly and find you a solution.”

4. Hanging up first

There may be a lag in communication or the customer might be silent on the other side of the phone. Make sure the customer always hangs up first. Doing this will save you the trouble of playing the blame game and the problem stated in point 3 can be averted. Making sure you hear the call end tune from the other side before you end the call and you never have to indulge yourselves with callbacks and annoyed customers.

5. Ignoring customer feedback or constructive criticism

Always be open to customer feedback whether it is product related, customer service focused or anything in general about the business. It is not only important from the company’s perspective, but it will also make the customers feel valuable as their voices are heard and things they point out will be taken care of.

Anything we missed out? Make sure you leave your comments on what mistakes you think the Contact Center Agents should avoid making.

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