8 Timeshare Sales Closing Techniques to Kickstart Your Campaign

Timeshare Sales Closing Techniques

The timeshare industry has grown significantly over the past years. Every timeshare has its unique considerations and commitments. To explore sales techniques for your timeshare industry, go through this useful blog and gain insights on “sales and tactics for closing timeshare”. Delve into these 8 timeshare sales closing techniques and increase your sales revenue. 

What is a Timeshare Sales Technique?

Timeshare industries are the travel and real estate market which involves the purchase, ownership, and utilization of a vacation property. Purchase of property can be of a specific week or a month while ownership includes the utilization of property during specific allotted time with fully-equipped luxurious accommodations.

Timeshares are vacation properties! 

The timeshare technique refers to effective strategies that aim to promote and sell timeshare properties. 

Talking about sales techniques in the timeshare industry typically involves the process of generating a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Common timeshare sales techniques are limited-time offers, luxurious accommodations, personalized tour experiences, and affordable and reasonable financing options. 

8 Best Timeshare Sales Closing Techniques 

Don’t know how to close timeshare sales? Explore these amazing eight sales techniques and start implementing them now to get better results immediately. Each technique consists of its importance and effects on potential buyers and therefore, they must be utilized with proper understanding. 

1. Discussing the target audience

Examining the specific needs and desires of the target audience is the key technique of closing the sale. It is very important to understand your audience especially when it comes to timeshare sales closing techniques for a successful approach. 

Different audiences are available for timeshare sales but generally, it involves individuals or families who are enjoying their vacation frequently and looking forward to investment for their long-term vacation experiences. 

As we know many vacationers are mostly concerned about the additional cost of accommodation, but timeshare can offer you cost-effective solutions. 

2. Engage potential buyers and create an emotional connection 

It’s important to tap into their desire and aspirations through engagement. Try to paint vivid pictures of moments full of experiences and memories to build a strong as well as emotional connection.  

Share breathtaking views, luxurious amenities, and several activities that your timeshare offers to their audiences. 

Well, storytelling can also be a powerful tool for engagement with your potential buyers and therefore creates an emotional connection. 

Highlight the flexibility and convenience your timeshare offers. Figure out a strong emotional connection that makes them take it as a long-term investment not just for a one-time purchase. 

3. Resolve concerns raised by buyers in the timeshare industry 

Once buyers raise concerns, it becomes important to address them and provide reassurance. Limited availability and difficulty in booking specific dates can be one of the common concerns. Such concerns can be addressed by offering them various reservation options as well as priority options like booking windows or flexible plans. 

By addressing concerns directly, you build trust and credibility with your potential buyers. 

Try to overcome their apprehensions and move forward with confidence in their decision to invest in your timeshare. 

4. Manual Quality call with Sales Dialer

Utilizing a manual quality call approach with a sales dialer can be a useful timeshare sales technique. Sales dialer automates your outbound calls, thereby reaching the right prospects at the right time. 

It’s a great time to offer a personalized touch to your sales process! 

With the help of advanced automated dialing techniques, you efficiently prioritize your leads and with the manual quality call feature, you can listen to your prospects actively and, therefore, understand their preferences, and specific needs which further helps you to tailor your sales pitch. 

5. Try to build trust throughout the sales process

Generating trust throughout the sales process is a crucial part of the timeshare industry. Whenever you start to deal with your prospects try to be transparent, and open about your features, additional offerings,  and costs. 

Opt for clear communication throughout the sales process, immediately respond to their concerns, and regularly update them with new information and packages. This showcases your commitment towards your healthy customer satisfaction and ultimately builds trust in your industry. 

Simply create a trustworthy reputation in the timeshare industry to gain the trust of your potential buyers! 

6. Generate fear of missing out (FOMO) 

Sometimes, it’s crucial to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. This can be created through offering limited-time offers or some special kind of promotions that are available only for specific periods and this act will make customers quickly perform. 

This way, you can tap into their fear of missing out (FOMO)  on a great deal. 

Try to make them feel that they may lose the opportunity to secure their dream vacation spot i.e. generate fear of missing out. 

7. Leverage the advanced system to stay connected 

Try out advanced systems that seamlessly connect you with your potential buyers through multiple channels like phone calls, email, live chat, and many more. Omnichannel support can be an excellent and ground-breaking technique for boosting timeshare sales. 

This omnichannel outreach approach enables you to offer personalized communication experiences with your timeshare buyers. With omnichannel support, you provide instant responses to concerns raised by buyers and provide them with personalized assistance throughout the sales process. 

This way,  you effectively stay connected with them with overall communication channels, which automatically raises the chances of boosting your timeshare sales. 

8. Opt for aftercare to maintain healthy relationships 

Maintaining healthy relationships with timeshare buyers will demonstrate your commitment to your customer satisfaction and will better the results even after the sale is completed. 

Try to offer them relatable and responsive support whenever they require it. Follow-up is an essential process in any sales technique.

Well, automated dialing technology can be utilized for following up with your prospects to keep track of them and get in touch. 

Reminder: Offering exceptional aftercare services is a must for maintaining long-lasting relationships with timeshare buyers.  

Effective Marketing Channels for Timeshare Sales Techniques?

Marketing channels allow you to reach particular audiences who are interested in vacation properties or timeshares. Through several marketing channels, you enable your timeshare industry to higher visibility rate of your brand. This way you create brand recognition and build a presence of your brand in the minds of potential buyers. 

Marketing channels are golden opportunities that offer you an amazing platform to highlight your timeshare industry’s unique features, amenities, and the benefits that your timeshare properties offer. 

Ringless voicemail and text messages offer direct access to your potential buyers, which instantly provoke them to make decisions and make a long-lasting impression. Buyers are more likely to get a personalized kind of approach and there is no better option than voicemails. They are a great approach for personalized communication with potential buyers. 

Also, using an omnichannel approach in a well-coordinated manner like a combination of voicemail, text messages, and email campaigns, create a consistent and cohesive brand experience. 

Overall, marketing channels play a major role in ensuring brand awareness, generating interest in your timeshares, and thus fostering strong relationships with potential buyers. 


Implementing sales techniques will make your timeshare industry successful. Look out for these powerful and amazing sales techniques, as well as understand the effectiveness of multiple marketing channels to increase your timeshare sales. Read out our full blog and gain valuable insights for better positive results!