How Technology is Revolutionizing Call Centers?

Call center automation is vital for any business flooded with customer requests. It helps them monitor and manage the phone calls of their clients with great ease. Read on and find out how.

Businesses suffering from loads of calls may take advantage of the benefits that come with call center software. The tool streamlines processes involved in the call center operation, from tracking to managing and routing calls to the right department or agent. More importantly, it plays a crucial role in improving the customer experience.

It is essential to improve the customer experience as it drives brand loyalty which could, in turn, help your business grow. Consider a case study by Mckinsey which shows that almost 70% of extremely satisfied individual customers with their experience will likely renew their health coverage. You, too, can achieve with the right tools in place.

Customer Satisfaction Graph

Below are seven ways automation is changing the way call centers conduct their operations:

Easy to use

Cloud-based auto dialer software provides businesses with a virtual storage system that is easy to set up. It does not require advanced technical knowledge to operate it as a decent solution comes with a user-friendly interface. It also comes with all the necessary tools to customize customer service operations

Offers better security

Data security is a major business concern. The absence of a reliable security system puts your company at risk of losing essential company information and customers.

Cloud-based software has impenetrable security features that keep your company and customer information totally safe and secure. It only authorizes service providers to evaluate and enforce security procedures when necessary. This also reduces the burden to hire professionals to maintain and review your system.

Boosts sales performance

One of the greatest advantages of having the software is that it can drive sales instantaneously. It does so by enabling agents to effectively manage the pre-sale inquiries of existing customers as well as after-sales services. They also have quick access to purchase history that allows them to issue credits, check warranties, and process orders.

The sales record in the database that provides helpful insights into the purchasing habits and preferences of customers likewise allows them to get involved in cross-selling.

Reduces costs

Fewer resources and less time are needed to run customer service operations, which translated to reduced costs. Call center solutions with a web-based dialer feature significantly minimize costs as it automates and generates all essential call activities into a single platform. In doing so, it improves lead management while it enables you to keep track of the best time to call prospects. It also provides helpful real-time metrics that can increase sales without you needing to install other expensive hardware.

Enhances communication and responsibility

Call center automation comes with a centralized database that enables staff members across several departments to access, share, and exchange information about client issues through updates. A customer agent, for instance, can quickly check the service cases his colleagues had already completed and thereby avoiding task duplication.

Furthermore, automation provides greater accountability as every member of the team understands his or her responsibilities in customer service processes. The management, on the other hand, can easily hold anyone answerable for both failure and success.

It improves management reporting

The software provides management with all the vital information they need in making critical decisions and creating strategic plans. It also comes with several features that help make reports and presentations such as revenue per call, upsell rates, case categories, and case times. It also aids in evaluating call volume.

Ensures a timely customer response

Customers facing any issue concerning your products or services want prompt customer support. They want answers to their queries in the quickest time possible. Unfortunately, the load of calls may sometimes make it difficult for agents to handle every request.

Call center software can help you ease out this problem through the following:

  • It routes a call based on the location of the customer or the category of the product or service.
  • It ensures that the appropriate agent manages it.
  • It allows agents quick access to data, from clients’ personal information to their purchase and service history. This enables agents to track the calls easily and hasten them up when necessary.
  • It enables direct information exchange among agents, resulting in a smooth transition and reduced client waiting times

Should your company invest in Call Center Software?

The many ways call center software revolutionizes call center operations all boils down to one great advantage – to enhance customer experience, which ultimately results in enhanced productivity, efficiency, and sales performance.

In fact, 86% of consumers reveal they will pay more for a better customer experience. This further stresses the importance of customer experience for sustained success. The tool simplifies the processing of data which could, in turn, promote brand loyalty and higher customer retention. Who doesn’t like that?

Before looking for a call center automation solution that will best suit your business, you have to decide first between in-house or hosted software. You will then need to have a clear understanding of the features and choose the ones that you will not live without. When in doubt with call center software pricing and features, you may Signup now with us as a software provider for more information.