Top 10 SMS Marketing Use Cases to Streamline Your Business Communication

SMS Marketing Use Cases to Streamline Your Business Communication

SMS marketing helps your business grow without hindrances, increases revenue, maintains customer satisfaction, and generates favorable evaluations. It is reasonably priced, cost-effective, and unexpectedly well-liked by viewers all over the world. You can send personalized messages via SMS marketing, which has a higher open rate than emails. Customers believe texting is the greatest way for businesses to reach them quickly—59% of customers agree—and 64% think firms should use SMS to communicate with customers more frequently.

According to a recent survey, 63% of participants stated they would genuinely switch to a business that provided text messaging as a means of contact.

So why are SMS marketing campaigns for contacting customers a guaranteed approach to increase your overall marketing efforts? With the help of these SMS marketing examples and use cases, you can engage with your customers in real-time and reach them wherever they are.

How You Can Use SMS Marketing? – 10 SMS Marketing Use Cases

1. Content Sharing:

Customers can be reached through texting to share how-to manuals, product details, and other resources. The benefits of content marketing are generally known by marketers, but text message delivery of content is still relatively new. But this is one of those SMS marketing use cases that fosters connections and maintains client engagement, just like email content marketing. Texting entertaining or informative content can be an effective method for reaching clients and retaining their attention.

Here is a sample of SMS marketing that can be effective in getting the audience to engage with the content of this blog:

“Hello, from LeadsRain! Be sure to check out our most recent blog post on Top 10 SMS Marketing use cases.”

2. Reminders for Abandoned Carts:

Almost as old as the shopping cart itself, the shopping cart reminder is a tried-and-true eCommerce tactic. This handy feature intervenes when a shopper starts out shopping but abandons the cart before making a final purchase to gently prompt them to do so. Imagine, though, that you can be sure your consumer will notice the message almost shortly after you give them a reminder that they have anything in their cart. Within the first three seconds, nine out of ten people read the texts they get.

3. Promotional Offers

This is undoubtedly the most typical SMS marketing use case. The tried-and-true method of boosting marketing efforts by providing a promotional code still works, and using SMS only makes it more effective. You need to make sure that promotions are opened as soon as possible since they must be opened before they expire. Thus, SMS is the most useful marketing tactic to send out promotional offers to users.

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4. Two-Way Messaging

One of the defining characteristics of SMS marketing is two-way communication. What makes texting so groundbreaking is the straightforward notion that your marketing team can speak with clients directly and in real-time. Customers today want to know they can contact you if they have questions and that your company is run by real people, not computer programs. Texting back and forth increases the experience’s personalization and engagement compared to other channels, whether it’s for customer support or buying guidance. Similar to two-way communications, except clients demand a text message in return. Pre-sale inquiries and requests for demos fall under this category. Two-way messaging is another tool used by sales teams to communicate with prospects.

5. Appointment Reminders

One of the most common SMS marketing use cases is sending automatic reminders for impending appointments. Customer demand is somewhat to blame for this.

In a recent survey, 76% of respondents said they considered text message appointment reminders to be useful.

Not only are appointment reminders now requested and anticipated, but they have also proven to be effective marketing tools for fostering a closer relationship between a business and its consumers. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment or a haircut, this kind of marketing is quite beneficial for service firms.

“Time for your appointment has arrived! To confirm your attendance or to cancel and reschedule, please reply “CONFIRM” to this mail. We’ll be here to greet you!”

6. Delivery Tracking

Even though tracking delivered shipments might not seem like a marketing function, when done correctly — with strong branding and attention to detail — even something as straightforward as tracking a box has the ability to strengthen ties with customers. The goal of SMS marketing is to improve the customer experience, and tracking a delivery’s location demonstrates that you are open and kind enough to care whether your client receives their order.

For example, “Your package has been shipped. Here, you may track its progress.”

7. Messages on Birthdays and Anniversaries

One of the finest methods to excite consumers is to send messages with special offers that are perfectly matched to a single customer based on their preferences. A quick and practical marketing tactic is to send a text message with a birthday greeting or a special offer. It also makes perfect sense because who doesn’t enjoy receiving a nice gift on their birthday, especially if it comes with a unique offer? But since almost everyone is likely to open your text messages, your chances of getting a sale are higher with text.

“A very happy birthday to you! Here is a coupon for 10% off your next order as a special treat.”

8. Flash Sales

Flash sales can instantly bring a lot of visitors to your business. This strategy typically entails selling a product in small quantities for a steep discount for a brief period of time. Flash sales are made possible when clients have their push notifications turned on since you know your texts will likely be viewed within three seconds. Flash sales are a fantastic method to quickly add a sense of urgency to your marketing initiatives. No other medium can do this as quickly. When SMS gives you a decent possibility of swiftly contacting your target, texting means shorter open times and speedier replies to your campaign.

  • Offering a discount for a brief period of time just makes clients feel pressured to take advantage of the deal before it ends.
  • Sending personalized discounts or discount codes humanizes the message and makes the recipients feel valued.

9. Surveys and Polls 

Text-based surveys and polls are a dual-purpose tactic. Asking your audience for feedback is a terrific approach to determining how they are feeling. What do they think of the new product design that has been proposed? Which flavor from your company’s lineup is their favorite? Additionally, giving your audience a sense of involvement in the decisions affecting your company, it’s the ideal method to engage them.

Sending a brief survey to clients after they make a purchase is a wonderful method to use text messaging for surveys. This might assist you to learn whether your product or service matches customers’ expectations and obtaining feedback on their satisfaction. Additionally, surveys can be used to gather information on consumer preferences or solicit feedback before the launch of new goods or services.

10. Launch of a new product

You want your customers to be aware right away when you introduce a new good or service. Not next week or tomorrow. It’s important to act quickly, especially if you want to provide your devoted SMS subscribers a chance to purchase the goods before anyone else. If you want to offer any customers first dibs or let them know early about your product launch, texting is the best option because texts are frequently viewed within the first few minutes of receipt.

“48 hours until “product launch”! Be the first to learn when it becomes available by getting a sneak peek right away.”


Various business uses for texting exist, some of which are marketing-related and others not. Reminders, delivery status updates, and promotions are typical purposes. Although not all of them are marketing strategies, texting has some excellent marketing uses. Have a look at the top 10 use cases of SMS marketing, and to know more about SMS marketing, connect with us at and schedule your free demo with LeadsRain.